Nepal: President’s Website Hacked, Government Criticized for Helping Spread ‘India’s Terrorism’

December 6, 2015 – Kathmandu

A hacker group going by the name of 4NUSR & N3P-4T has hacked the official website of the president of Nepal to pressure the Nepali government to quickly resolve the border blockade and the subsequent fuel crisis. In the note written as an ‘appeal’, the group has also accused the Government of Nepal for ‘putting up with India’s terror’.

In the 429-word appeal, the group has directed the government’s attention to the hardships Nepalese people have been facing for more than two months of the blockade caused by the Madhesi protest. “By not acknowledging the demands of Madhesis, the sovereignty of the whole country is in danger”.


A screenshot of the hacked website

“Our leaders ride in cars with 5-6 security vehicles around them, but a normal Nepali has to cram his way inside a bus.”

Cooking gas isn’t available..

No fuel for transportation..

No electricity for lights..

Go to a restaurant and there is no food to eat..

Perhaps this is what new Nepal looks like..

where there isn’t anything except grief for a Nepali

The hackers have also accused the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for spreading violence. “Why is the government silent when Indian army officials enter Nepal and shoot an innocent Nepali? Is Nepali government a slave to the terrorism-spreading Modi?” – reads the note.

Group also hacks the website of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)

The hacker group has also hacked NEA’s website to shed a light on the load-shedding problem. NEA is forced to cut electricity all over Nepal for more than 9 hours per day due to high demand and low supply. The hours rise as winter approaches and water level in rivers decline. Lack of fuel for cooking has led to an increased demand of electricity and NEA was forced to increase the load-shedding hours recently to 56 hours a week.

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