‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Winter Finale Includes A Shocking Death And A Familiar Dark One Returns

This contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched the winter finale of Once Upon a Time, now is the time to stop reading.

The winter finale was all about darkness that has come to Storybrooke…literally. Those cloaked robes went wondering around town terrorizing the residents by marking everyone with their seal that will end up sending them to the Underworld. Rumple tells all of them that they should use their time wisely to say goodbye.

This is also the night where viewers got to go back to Hook’s boyhood days when he was simply known as Kilian. His dad ended up running off and leaving him and his brother, Liam, on the ship to fend for themselves.

Back in Storybrooke, Hook is still bent on getting revenge on Rumple. Emma is determined to stop the new dark one. Even though she loves him, she is willing to sacrifice that to make sure he is stopped. it is up to her to save her family and friends so while everyone else is ready to give up and just spend the last moments together, Emma tells Regina that she needs to put all of the darkness upon herself and then die by way of Excalibur to get rid of the darkness forever.

Also on Once Upon a Time, Zelena is also causing more trouble as she tells Regina and Robin that she is taking the baby once they are dead. However, Regina takes matters into her own hands and uses magic to send her sister back to Oz, in a green tornado, of course.

Back when Regina was queen, it seems that she once wanted to put Hook to the test by finding his father who abandoned him long ago and his son kill him. However, Kilian chose to let his father off the hook, so to speak. That is until it was revealed that his father had another son and named him Liam after his deceased brother. Hook then killed him.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma and Hook face off. Unfortunately, Hook gets hold of the sword from her and tells her to go spend the rest of her time with her family. Just when you thought that it was the end of Snow, Prince Charming, and the rest of Storybrooke as the darkness tries to send them to the Underworld, Regina makes one last plea reminding Hook of the time that he killed his father. She asks him if that is the man that he wants to be.

Hook has a change of heart and chooses to take the darkness for himself and tells Emma to kill him with Excalibur to save her family. She makes the heartbreaking choice to do it and kills her beloved. It was then that she went from her dark self back into the blond Emma Swan. This episode of Once Upon a Time was one of the sad moments ever. However, things may not be as bad as they may seem.

Unfortunately, just as Belle reunited once again with Gold, we learned that he is now back to being the dark one with full powers of darkness now. It seems that he secretly used a potion to transfer all of the darkness to himself and not Hook. He died for nothing, but he is still a hero.

Emma then forces Gold to find a way to send her down to the Underworld or she will tell Belle what happened. How does one get to the Underworld, Robin wants to know? Gold has the magic to summon the spooky ship to take them there.

This ends the show until March. The spring season will have the gang looking for Hook to get him back to Storybrooke. However, they meet some familiar faces along the way. In the previews, we see Peter Pan and Regina’s wicked mother. Who else will be seen?

What was your favorite part of the Once Upon a Time winter finale?

Photo by Television Promos/YouTube screencap.

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