Weight Watchers Launches ‘Beyond the Scale’ Approach With Help From Oprah Winfrey

Weight Watchers Launches ‘Beyond the Scale’ Approach With Help From Oprah Winfrey

Weight Watchers officially launched its “Beyond the Scale” approach on Monday, with the help of new board member Oprah Winfrey. The approach is to take all the focus off the scales, and add some to health, wellbeing and happiness.

Members around the world have been speculating about changes coming for the last few weeks. Some eagle-eyed members spotted a patent for SmartPoints, but had no other information than that. When the Weight Watchers app updated last week, some found they could move forward to their next weigh-in day to find out how their points allowances were changing and how points values for food was changing, but had no other information than that. There are still some individuals unhappy with the changes, although it is unclear whether they have all had all the new information.

Winfrey bought 10 percent of Weight Watchers stock in October, announcing that she was also becoming a board member. The announcement has led to Weight Watchers share prices tripling since then. She had said she had been following the plan, and was extremely happy with the results. She has since shared she has lost 26lbs following the more holistic approach. She officially joined the plan in July, after getting a phone call from the company. Now she is a full convert.

Lisa Straub, a leader at Weight Watchers, has said that the “Beyond the Scale” approach is designed to push people to change their mindset towards food and health. Rather than trying to fit in treats and junk food—sometimes sacrificing healthy food items—the aim is to think about the fuel being put into the body and changing for the better.

The new plan still produces a weight loss. Leaders around the world have been following the new approach since October, many finding more success than ever before at the scales. There have been ups and downs, as there are with any change, but leaders have shared in groups how they feel healthier, happier and more energetic because of the changes they have made.

Weight Watchers members will now have personalized daily and weekly allowances, unlike before where only the daily allowance was personalized. There is also the ability to get a personalized fitness target, based on the amount of activity members currently do, their current goals and why they joined Weight Watchers in the first place. Those with online access will be able to fill in the personalized assessment, while those without can ask their leaders to work it out for them.

Obesity is a problem around the world, and many experts believe it will only get worse. Weight Watchers has been dedicated to fighting obesity for the last 53 years. The changes are all within health guidelines and designed to help people live healthier and happier.


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