Russian Submarine Successfully Strikes Targets in Syria

Earlier this week, reports from sources in Syria indicated the presence of a Russian submarine off of Syria’s Mediterranean coast. On Tuesday, Russian Defense Minster Sergei Shoigu officially confirmed that the submarine had been used to strike targets in Syria.

Russian Submarine

The strikes conducted by the submarine were the first Russian attacks to attack positions in Syria from a naval platform in the Mediterranean. Using the same Kalibr cruise missiles that have been repeatedly fired at rebel positions from ships in the Caspian Sea, the submarine was able to bombard the Syrian city of Raqqah, the capital of the Islamic State. According to Mr. Shoigu’s statements on Tuesday, the missiles caused “significant damage” to ammunition storage facilities and key components of the Islamic State’s oil infrastructure.


The submarine in question, the B-237 Rostov-On-Don is a Project 636 Varshavyanka class submarine, an improved and modified version of the common Kilo class submarine. Powered by a diesel-electric engine instead of a nuclear reactor, the submarine class is designed for stealth and is generally regarded as the quietest class of submarine in the world today. It is estimated that such this Russian submarine can remain at sea for up to 45 days.


The Kalibr missiles fired from the Rostov-On-Don were accompanied by a fresh round of Russian air strikes against Islamic State positions on Tuesday and Wednesday. According to the defense ministry, more than 60 air strikes have occurred in the past 3 days in addition to the 4 Kalibr missiles from the Russian submarine.




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