Visa Waiver Program Changed – Trump Proposal Denounced

Congress Revamps Visa Waiver Program

The proposal by Donald Trump to ban Muslims from entering the United States was ignored by Congress on Tuesday. The House of Representatives passed legislation changing the Visa Waiver Program. The vote was 407 to 19 in favor of an extensive overhaul.

The visa waiver program is utilized by relatives of immigrants who live in the USA.  Under the VWP, visa-free travel is permitted to the USA for up to 90 days. Changes approved bar anyone from Iraq, Syria and the Sudan. Changes to the VWP also apply to anyone who has traveled into those countries. All changes to the program are effective immediately.

The proposal by GOP Presidential contender Donald Trump to ban all Muslims from entering the USA was repeatedly denounced on the floor of the Congress  as the debate on the proposed Visa Waiver Program changes took place.

There were proposals to end the waiver program. This raised concerns in the travel industry. A major portion of tourist visits in New York, Florida, Nevada and Arizona come from visa-free travelers.  The current modifications will not negatively impact the tourist industry.


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