Woman Bites TJ Maxx Employee After Shoplifting Underwear

A 33 year old woman from New York has been arrested after allegedly biting a TJ Maxx employee after the employee attempted to retrieve underwear she was shoplifting from the store.

It has been reported that the 33 year old woman will be arraigned on December 14, 2015 for a misdemeanor charge of simple assault and retail theft. Her hearing was originally scheduled for Money; however it had to be rescheduled.

Richard Durham, the loss prevention officer at the TJ Maxx store in Vermont who attempted to retrieve the stolen merchandise told the police the woman kicked him, smacked his glasses off of his face, and then bit his thumb in response to him taking her purse in order to check it for stolen merchandise.

According to the local officials, Richard Durham said he retrieved $21.50 worth of underwear from the woman’s purse when he searched it. If the women is convicted of this crime she could face as much as an entire year in prison for theft and assault.


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