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Fans will love this convenient printable list of the 28 women on The Bachelor 2016. The show premiers on ABC on Jan. 4, 2016.  (

When the 2016 Bachelor Ben Higgins meets the women who will be vying for his heart, he will have 28 beautiful choices, including a pair of twins.  Some of the women on The Bachelor 2016 will already be familiar to viewers, who may suspect that a number of these young ladies are attempting to make a career out of reality television.

Of the women listed below, Amber James, Becca Tilley, Emily Ferguson and Haley Ferguson have all been on Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor or another reality television show.

Other contestants came to the attention of the producers because they are either friends or relatives of other people who have been involved in the past with The Bachelor franchise or other reality TV shows.  Among the women who fall in this category are Jami Letain, Joelle Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell.

Fans do not have to be overly concerned, however, about the contestants who had an “in” with the producers of the show.  Twenty-one other contestants will be fresh, new faces without any other known connection to The Bachelor or other reality TV shows.

Before you see the full list, however, you might want to know more about the women on The Bachelor 2016 that you will want to keep an eye on this season!

The Women on the Bachelor 2016

Below is a list of the names of the women and the biographical information that is known about them.  Print out this list of women on the Bachelor 2016, add your own notes, and use this info to keep track of them!

Amanda “Mandi” Kremer is a dentist at Aspen Dental in Portland, Oregon. She received her Doctorate in Dentistry from the Oregon Health and Science University.

Amanda Stanton is a 29 year old single mother from Orange County, California and has two daughters ages one and three.  She was divorced in the past two years and now runs her own online health & wellness beauty site.

Amber James is a 30 year old bartender from Chicago and was a fairly recent contestant on Bachelor In Paradise 2.  She was also a contestant for two episodes of the Chris Soules season on The Bachelor.

Becca Tilley is 26 and from San Diego, CA.  She will be familiar to many fans who will remember her from Chris Soules’ season on The Bachelor.  She may also be remembered for announcing that she was a virgin on that show.

Breanne Rice is a 30 year old from Seattle, Washington.  She is divorced and her former last name was Lovett. She is any only child who had chronic health problems as a child and now describes herself as a holistic nutritional therapist. She is also a contributor for South Sound Magazine.

Caila Quinn is 23, from Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts and a graduate of the Boston College Carroll School of Management with a degree in Marketing. She majored in German in undergraduate school.

Emily and Haley Ferguson are 23 year old twins who have worked as waitresses at the club Marquee in the Cosmopolitan Hotel and even tried out to be Lakers girls. They live in Las Vegas. They have former reality television experience since they also appeared on the show that scouts new Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind is a 23 years old freelance graphic design artist and is from New York City.

Jackie Dion is a contributor for the, which helps find people companions for life.  She was on the track team in college and has dedicated much of her life to philanthropy.

Jami Letain is from Vancouver, Canada and a friend of former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe.  The two of them worked together at the Cactus Club.

Jen Saviano is 25, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and runs an online clothing store called Hot Pink Hanger. Her father operates Saviano High Performance Tennis in Plantation, Florida.

Jessica Moser is from Boca Raton, Florida and is into fitness. She graduated from Central Florida University in 2014.

Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher  is 25, from Dallas, Texas, and owns a real estate development company named JHF Realty Development.  She is apparently still on good terms with a former boyfriend who is rumored to be dogsitting for her while she in on The Bachelor.  Her brother, Ben Patton, appeared on Eva Longoria’s reality dating show called Ready For Love.

Jubilee Sharpe is a 24 years old former model and from Miami, Florida.

Lace Morris is 25 and lives in Denver, Colorado, which may give her a slight advantage with Ben Higgins, who also lives there. She works as a real estate broker for Keller Williams.

Laura Esselman is a 25 year old from Kentucky who works for an ad agency called Scoppechio as an account executive.

Lauren Barr is 23, from Stillwater, Oklahoma and a buyer for a fashion boutique.

Lauren Bushnell is 25, from Los Angeles and works as a flight attendant for Alaskan Airlines.  She is friends with Anna Von Staehl, the ex-girlfriend of former Bachelorette winner Josh Murray.

Lauren Himle is a 25 year old teacher from Ann Arbor, Michigan and works at Novi Woods Elementary School. She earns a little extra income by selling jewelry and accessories on the side.

Lauren Russell has a brief online bio in the articles I found … which primarily mentioned the rumors that she is eliminated very early in the season.

Leah Block is 25 and another contestant who lives in Denver, Colorado … the home city of Ben Higgins.  She is Jewish which could present a conflict to Ben, who has frequently mentioned how important his Christian faith is to him.

Maegan Miller is from Texas and works at a CPA firm.

Olivia Caridi , 23, currently lives in Virginia, although she is originally from Texas, where she graduated from Texas Christian University in 2014.  She works as a news anchor for the NBC affiliate WCYB in Virginia, so she is almost certain to have some local fans who would like to see her do well on The Bachelor.

Rachel Tchen is a 24 year old from Little Rock, Arkansas.  Although her current occupation is not listed, she used to work in Business Development at Staples Advantage.

Samantha Passmore is a law school graduate from Florida Coastal School of Law and currently works as a law clerk in Jacksonville, Florida.

Shushanna Mkrtyshyan is a 27 year old from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tiara Soleim is 27 years old and a dental assistant at Rhonda Newton DDS in Redmond, Washington.

Finally, here’s more information about the 28 women on The Bachelor 2016!

Want to know about about Bachelor Ben?  Read about the 2016 Bachelor Ben Higgins and see the trailer for the upcoming season in the article below:

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