Christian Homeless Shelter Bans Women And Most Children Because Of Sex Issue


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A Christian homeless shelter in Kentucky has banned women from coming in out of the cold to spend the night. In order to keep anymore sinful acts from occurring, females will not be allowed to enter the facility any longer.

Emergency Christian Ministries in Williamsburg said that couples have been having sex in their shelter and this is their way of combatting this problem. Director Billy Woodward chose to evict all women from his facility, a place that is supposed to reach out to people with no homes to be able to seek shelter and comfort. He made this comment about his decision.

“It seems like these last days it’s getting worse … the ungodly type.”

According to WYMT, around a dozen women in the past two weeks were sent to another shelter which is all-female, but it is about 30 minutes away in Gray, Kentucky. This Christian ministry is the only homeless shelter in the city. In addition, most children are not allowed either. Woodward said that only a dad with a son, no girls, would be allowed to stay. Mayor Roddy Harrison finds that this decision is unacceptable.

“I guess I’m a little old school, but the first people off the boat were the women and children,” he said.

Director Woodward claims that he is following what the Bible has to say about premarital sex, which has been frequently occurring with both men and women sharing the facility together. He says that it is sinful and needs to be stopped. However, most have questioned why he would do this being that Christians are supposed to be caring and loving towards the homeless and the hungry. This is especially appalling considering that he made this decision just a couple of weeks before Christmas.

The blame is not totally on the females who take up residence for the night or longer, according to Woodward. He said that it does “take two to do that.” “We are not biased or prejudiced whatsoever,” he added.

He did say that this ban may not be forever. If renovations can be made at the Emergency Christian Ministries, women may be able to be welcomed back in the future.

Occupy Democrats noted that Kentucky is listed as the fifth highest poverty state and that turning women and children away can be devastating for those that need the help.

Photo by Pixabay.

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