Pope Francis Fast-Tracks Mother Teresa Sainthood

Vatican: Mother Teresa’s Intercession Led God to Heal Man with Multiple Brain Tumors.

Pope Francis officially recognized Mother Teresa’s second miracle on Thursday, his 79th birthday. She will likely be canonized (declared a saint) in the first week of September, according to Avvenire, a publication for Roman Catholic bishops.  Holy See spokesman Thomas Rosica confirmed this in a tweet.

The September date would honor the 19th anniversary of her death and the Pope’s Holy Year of Mercy.

Vatican officials could find no scientific explanation for the sudden and miraculous complete healing of a Brazilian man facing death from multiple brain tumors. His loved ones had prayed for Mother Teresa’s intercession so God would heal him.

Sainthood Requires at Least Two Confirmed Miracles

Catholics believe saints have led holy lives and are thus closer to God. They are in heaven and can be prayed to for God’s intercession. Canonization usually requires official Vatican recognizion of at least two miracles.

Mother Theresa as a young woman.

Mother Teresa as a young woman.

Pope John Paul II, now deceased, approved Mother Teresa’s beatification in 2003. He recognized her first miracle after the Church could find no scientific explanation for the healing of a 30 year-old woman with stomach cancer in Kolkata (Calcutta), India. She had prayed to Mother Teresa for God’s intercession.

Beatification is the first step to sainthood.

A Holy Life Caring for the Sick and Poor

Mother Teresa’s Vatican biography explains how she felt Jesus calling her to care for the poor during a train ride in India. The nun personally fed them, clothed them, and comforted the sick and dying. She worked in the streets of Kolkata beginning in 1948. She established the Missionaries of Charity to serve the very poorest.

Her work spread throughout India. The Vatican recognized her good deeds and encouraged her to develop and promote charitable organizations across the globe. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. At the time of her death on September 5th, 1997, Mother Teresa ran 610 foundations staffed by 4,000 of her sisters in 123 countries.

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