‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Christmas Come Early In Port Charles? (December 22)


What will Jason say to Sam? (Photo by YouTube screen cap/GH Preview)

Since ABC decided to air last Friday’s episode on Monday because of the Presidential address, the Christmas Gala and the rescue of Robin Scorpio is just getting started. There is so much more to come.

Tuesday’s General Hospital spoilers indicate that Patrick is about to find Robin, but is she dead or alive? Jerry Jacks ordered his man to eliminate her and it is assumed that it had been carried out as seen in the photo that was given to Patrick, Robert, and Anna by Jerry. Patrick heads out to the Cassadine crypt to see for himself. He will definitely find Robin there.

The General Hospital Christmas Gala brings all sorts of drama, as well as glamour and fun. Monica unknowingly let the cat out of the bag to Michael that Sabrina is much further along in her pregnancy than anyone thought. He now knows that he can’t be the father of her child and goes to confront her.

Carlos, who was disguised in a Santa suit, was in the room with Sabrina when Michael walked in on Monday. Once they were alone, Michael told her that they need to talk about the baby. He has put together the puzzle pieces so to speak, as the ABC sneak peek revealed for Tuesday. Sabrina is expected to confess the truth, but will she tell him that Carlos is the father on Tuesday?

Back outside of those doors, Carly is not done with Elizabeth by a long shot. The women have yet another confrontation at the gala. This could be the perfect opportunity for Franco to swoop in and rescue his new friend. How will Nina Clay feel about her guy saving another damsel in distress?

Another confrontation of sorts is also happening between Jason and Sam. At the end of Monday’s episode, Sam just told her husband that she is still in love with him. Unfortunately for Sam, it looks like he won’t be quite as responsive to her confession of love. In the previews for Tuesday, Jason asks her how she wants him to feel about her. It is obvious that he still can’t remember the love they had together and that he is still in love with Elizabeth.

Drama isn’t the only thing that can be found at the General Hospital Christmas Gala. The lovely and talented India Arie will be performing as well.

A secret rendezvous between Paul Hornsby and Ava Jerome will turn into a messy heartbreak for Tracy Quartermaine, who has fallen for her ex-husband once again. She is expected to catch the twosome in a cozy predicament thinking that he had set up a romantic evening for her. Get ready for some tears, and then some fireworks, just in time for Christmas.

How do you think this will all play out? Will Jason and Elizabeth get back together? Will Michael accept another man’s baby, even if it is Carlos? Will Patrick and Robin have their happily ever after?

Stay tuned to see what happens on General Hospital.

Photo by YouTube screen cap/GH Preview.

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