Nigeria Explosion At Gas Plant, Dozens Of People Reportedly Killed On Christmas Eve


Nigeria explosion devastation. (Photo by YouTube screen cap)

A Nigeria explosion happened at a gas plant on Thursday afternoon leaving dozens of people dead as they were lined up to get gas for Christmas. Authorities have reported that a tanker truck exploded at an industrial plant in the city of Nnewi in southeastern Nigeria.

The Christmas Eve fire was said to have taken around five hours to extinguish. The bodies of those killed in the Nigeria explosion were burned beyond recognition, while others were sent to the local hospital suffering from severe burns. The report from the New York Times said that one witness who was on the scene reported that the cause of the deadly explosion could have been because of the gas being dispensed while it was still too hot instead of waiting for the cooling process to take place.

The raging fire was described as a “huge inferno”  with acrid black smoke rising. Surrounding houses were also affected by the blast. Charred gas tanks, cars, and even bicycles were seen at the explosion site.

President Muhammadu Buhari has issued a statement regarding this incident in Nigeria.

“I am greatly shaken and shocked by such large-scale loss of human lives in a single industrial accident. My heart and prayers go out to these grieving families at this difficult and painful moment.”

A report by The Associated Press originally said that more than 100 people were killed in the blast. However, more recent reports are coming in saying that there may not have been quite so many dead. A police spokesman, who was at the scene of the Nigeria explosion, said that this was not the case at all. Ali Alphonsus Okechukwu was reported by The New York Times as saying that the previous report of 100 dead may have been exaggerated.

“I have been to the scene of the incident, many people were not affected because the gas plant is situated in an isolated area, so only few people there were killed by the explosion.”

Photo by World Breaking News/YouTube.

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