Oprah Winfrey Opens Up In New Weight Watchers Ad

Oprah Winfrey Weight Watchers ad

Oprah Winfrey’s new Weight Watchers ad aired just after Christmas, where she opens up about her diet experiences. People on Twitter have already admitted to shedding tears.

Winfrey’s battle with her weight has never been a secret. She is a yo-yo dieter, and has often said how she has tried and failed. Before July 2015, she believed that she would always be a yo-yo dieter and never thought she would try Weight Watchers; that was a diet for her mother. Now she wishes she had tried it a long time ago.

After being asked to become a member of the Weight Watchers Board in July, Winfrey made it clear that she would only promote something she believed in. That meant she had to try the new SmartPoints plan, launched earlier this month in many parts of the world; officially launched across the world from the New Year. After losing 15lbs on the plan in the first month, she decided that this was finally one that she could follow. Not only would it help her to lose weight, but keep it off for the long term. She even bought 10 percent of Weight Watchers stocks in October, officially becoming part of the Board of Directors.

Now, she shares her candid experience with her weight loss in the new Weight Watchers ad. Throughout the ad, there are photos of her at various sizes and encourages others to take control of their weight issues. One of her most prominent lines is “if not now, when?” She shared that Weight Watchers gave her the “tools to begin to make the lasting shift” she needed, and believes it will work for others.

There have been criticisms over the company’s actions lately. The mobile app has seen many technical bugs and dieters tend to not like change; some say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is not the first time Weight Watchers has adapted to suit current health guidelines and research. The new plan focuses on how protein is healthier than high-sugar/high saturated fat foods.

Many took to Twitter to share their emotions after seeing the new Winfrey advert for Weight Watchers, saying that they shed tears. There are some who are cynical, wondering if she can be inspirational when she has a lot of money, but her point of being a yo-yo dieter is what stands out for most. Just like many men and women around the world, she has battled with her weight and has found a plan that works for her.


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Image from YouTube video included.

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