Scottish Singer Andy M Stewart Dies

Andy Stewart

Scottish musician Andy M Stewart died December 27 after a long illness. Stewart had had a number of medical issues in the past few years; the most recent leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. He was hospitalized earlier this month after a stroke and he later contracted pneumonia. His sister Angie broke the news via a fund raising page she had created to help defray some of Andy’s medical costs.

A member of the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame, Stewart is credited with being a trail blazer in Scottish folk music.

He was born September 8, 1952 in Perthshire, Scotland. Even as a teen, Stewart upheld the traditions of Scottish folk music. Stewart did not confine his interests to just traditional Scottish music, he performed Irish tunes as well.

His first group was Puddock’s Well while still in his teens with Dougue Maclean and Martin Hadden. He later became the lead singer for the band Silly Wizard. After the breakup of Silly Wizard, Stewart continued to perform until medical issues forced him to retire from making music. Stewart was also a very accomplished banjo player.

Stewart’s music had a true authenticity because he lived the words he wrote. Speaking on his work Stewart said, “when you go away and do other things, then come back to music, you come back feeling fresh.

Working outside of music also seems to give his songwriting a richer, more authentic ring.”

Speaking on his original music, he said “if I’m not having a good time, I can hardly expect anybody else to be having one. I like that type of song particularly because it adds a bit of light to the darker hues of the bigger ballads. In a night of songs something daft like that can have the same effect as a band throwing in a few instrumentals.”

Andy M Stewart Discography:
“By the Hush”
“Fire in the Glen”
“Dublin Lady”
“At it Again”
“Songs of Robert Burns”
“The Man in the Moon”
“Donegal Rain”

as a part of Silly Wizard:
“Silly Wizard”
“Caledonia’s Hardy Sons”
“So Many Partings”
“Wild and Beautiful”
“Kiss the Tears Away”
“Live in America”
“Golden Golden”
“A Glint of Silver”
“Live Wizardry”
“Live Again”

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