Enrique Marquez Charged in San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

Enrique-Marquez- San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

Enrique Marquez has been charged in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. To date, he is the only person facing charges, since the perpetrators died in a shoot-out with the police. (https://twitter.com/eldiariony/status/678422513009958912)

Enrique Marquez, Jr., the man who purchased two of the guns used by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik in the San Bernardino terrorist attack, was indicted on Dec. 30, 2015 on additional charges.  A few weeks ago he was charged with allegedly supplying the weapons and for conspiring with Farook to attack Riverside City College and the 91 Freeway in 2011-2012.

Even though the attacks on Riverside City College and the 91 Freeway were never carried out, Mr. Marquez was still charged with conspiracy.  He has also been accused of marriage fraud related to his wife.  He admitted to authorities that he had been paid to marry her.

Some of the additional charges against Enrique Marquez include making false statements in order to purchase the weapons that were used in the San Bernardino terrorist attack, as well as providing false information on immigration papers regarding his relationship with his wife.  He said in the documents he filed that he was living with his wife in Corona, although they were not living together.

Mr. Marquez now faces a total of five counts in the revised indictment.  He is the only person who has faced charges related to the terrorist attack because Mr. Farook and Ms. Malik died in a shoot-out with the police.

The earlier indictment focused primarily on the conspiracy to use pipe bombs at Riverside College and the 91 Freeway, with the intent to cause “maximum casualties.”

The pair backed out of the plans for several reasons, including the fact that several men in Chino were arrested about the same time for an unrelated terrorism plan.

Mr. Marquez is not accused of taking part in the San Bernardino terrorist attack, which killed 14 people.  That attack was carried out by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik alone.  It has been verified that Mr. Marquez was at his place of employment during that attack.

However, two of the guns that were used by Farook and Malik were purchased by Marquez and, shortly after the attack, he called 911 and told the operator that he had given a gun to Farook “for safe storage.”

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