EXCLUSIVE: More Than Me Reunion Show

It was a highly anticipated reunion by fans, on the level with those of KISS and The Eagles, when the 2010 Hard Rock Calling champions More than Me returned to the stage after a four year absence.

In an early Christmas present for fans More than Me and musical friends Hey Monae performed upstairs at The Waiting Room in Buffalo, New York on December 23.

In a standing room only venue, excited friends reunited and filled the house to hear all the old tunes again.

Making the trip from Ohio, Hey Monae took the stage first to get the reunion party started. The trio performed songs from their various albums during the set including “Filthy Rich”, “Buenos Nochas”, “Pretty Baby”, and “The Sweetness”.


More than Me lead singer Ryan joined the band for a performance of “Selling My Soul”.


During the break the anticipation…and excitement grew as the crowd gathered closer to the stage awaiting the arrival of singer Ryan, guitarist Joey, drummer John, and bass man Justin to start the show.

Fans were shouting out song titles in hopes that the band would play everything they knew…or at least the ONE favourite song.


While the smoke machine worked overtime and enthusiastic fans cheered and sang along, More than Me played a show of around 20 original songs including “Overated”, “Just Be On”, “Perfect 10”, “You Make Me”, “Life Line”, “Head Case”, “Shoe Lace”, “Mind’s Made Up”, the highly requested “1989”, “Love You More”, “Oceans”, Know it All”, and “Frustrated”.


After wild cheers and clapping, More than Me return to the stage to perform a two song encore that included the song that won it all – “Mama Said”.


In 2010 four young lads entered their band More than Me in the local battle of the bands Hard Rock Calling competition in Niagara Falls, New York. The band won the lcoal competiton edging out hard rockers Du Driver.

More than Me’s video of a performance of “Mama Said” was entered into the national competition along with some 30 other artist videos. Again More than Me won the round and the right to represent the United States. The prize was a trip to England to perform in London’s Hyde Park to open for an internationally renowned act.

After much discussion and a final approval, More than Me opened the show for Sir Paul McCartney!

When they returned back home to Buffalo, the guys played a few more shows but life got in the way and the band took a break. But an October performance in Buffalo by Sir Paul sparked a return of the band; much to the thrill of the fans.

Along with the memories of their trip, the guys brought back a guitar they had all signed. That guitar is on display at the Niagara Falls Hard Rock Cafe. MTM bass man Justin Rizzo currently works at the Cafe in The Falls and is the only Hard Rock employee to have a piece of memorabilia hanging on the wall at a Hard Rock Cafe.


BTW: Du Driver went on to open for KISS…but that’s a story for another day.

photos by Sherrill Fulghum

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