New ISIS Video: Five UK Subjects’ Execution Alleged

Allegedly, ISIS executes five Britons as spies.

A screenshot. ISIS appears to execute the prisoners just moments later.

ISIS terrorists released video footage on Sunday they claim shows the execution of five British subjects for spying. The masked executioners appear to shoot the bound men in the back of the head with pistols at point-blank range.

A terrorist with a British accent declares Prime Minister Cameron “an imbecile” and warns “your children will pay.” A young boy wearing military fatigues appears at the end of the video, points into the distance, and threatens “we will kill them (non-believers) over there.”

Britain began airstrikes against ISIS on December 2nd.

MPs voted on December 2nd to extend air strikes against ISIS to Syria.

The prisoners “confess” to filming and photographing ISIS troop positions in al-Raqqah to the UK government in exchange for money. The northern Syrian city is a major stronghold for the anti-Assad militants. The captives, all between 25 and 40 years old, then call themselves apostate and beg for re-admittance to Islam.

The video shows an undisclosed desert location.

The Foreign Office declared the video “propaganda” intended to distract attention from the “recent military failings” of ISIS “in Iraq and its inability to look after people in the areas that it controls.” Charlie Winter, a senior researcher at Georgia State University in Atlanta said “ISIS is trying to seize the initiative again” to “divert attention away from big tactical blows” like their recent loss of Ramadi, in Iraq.

Stepped-up coalition air strikes in recent months have dealt a harsh blow to ISIS. The terror group has suffered increased casualties and lost much territory in both Iraq and Syria.

Image courtesy of UK Against Daesh.

ISIS execution videos have been a useful recruitment tool. An FCO source told the Guardian that a large number of Britons fight under the ISIS flag. About 800 are known to have gone to fight in Syria and Iraq. 400 of those have returned to the UK. Between 50 and 100 Britons have died there. 300 are thought to still be active. According to Winter, “leaving the executioner unnamed will cause an inevitable scramble, on the media’s part, to figure out who he is, thereby ensuring renewed prominence for Isis in the news.”


ISIS named the prisoners: Ubi Muhammad Abdul Ghani, 26, Ha’il Marwan Abdul Razaq, 40, Faisal Hamud al-Ja’far, Umaar Hamud al-Ja’far, both 25, and Mahyar Mahmud al-Uthmaan, 31. There has been no independent confirmation either of the victims’ identities or the authenticity of the video.

Investigators are working under the assumption it is real. They are making a special effort to determine the identity of the man who delivered the anti-British screed.

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