Twin Peaks Set to Return Next Year

Twin Peaks set to returnTwin Peaks is set to return in 2017 on Showtime, with a new trailer released towards the end of last year on YouTube. Very little has been shared about the plot or potential storylines, but Showtime has said that all episodes may be released at the same time.

When released, Twin Peaks will be the latest of older shows returning to screens. It will be revived by David Lynch, with Kyle MacLachlan and Amanda Seyfried set to star. Lynch almost backed out og the project, leading to it potentially being cancelled before it even got started. The show will pick up 25 years after the original series ended, following suit of many other revived shows planned for the next couple of years, including Prison Break.

The possibility of Lynch abandoning the project has meant that the release of the premiere has been delayed. There were reports that it would start in 2016, but is now being pushed to 2017. This could mean the release of all episodes at the same time. The possibility of this happening has neither been ruled in or out. This is something that will be discussed closer to the release date.

There is currently no confirmation on the length of the season, with all episodes being directed by Lynch. The scripts have been written by co-creator Mark Frost. MacLachlan is the only actor from the original series confirmed on the project, but there are expectations that Madchen Amick and David Patrick Kelly will return. Robert Knepper and Balthazar Getty are expected to join Seyfried as new cast members.

The teasers currently give very little away about the upcoming show, and there is no confirmed start date as of yet. Twin Peak fans just need to be ready for 2017.


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