‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Life Changes, New Memories, And A Disturbing Drawing


Jason and Sam grow closer. (Photo by YouTube screen cap)

Robin is busy getting settled back into her life in Port Charles, but it looks like that is about to change. General Hospital is about to lose three special people as they make a huge life change. Here is what is coming up on Wednesday (January 6).

Dr. Obrecht was not happy that Robin wanted her old job back, but she did give in and made her an offer. Unfortunately, the job offer was a cut in pay and no research in the hospital lab. Obrecht told Patrick and Robin that if that wasn’t enough for them, then they should go find somewhere else to work. And they took her advice. Scrubs made the decision to leave Port Charles together to start a brand new life elsewhere.

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Patrick and Robin go home to talk to Emma about their decision, and also Anna. They are not taking the news very well, but since Emma is thrilled that her family is back together, she will end up being okay with it. However, she is about to make one demand of her parents, as ABC exec Nathan Varni had posted on Twitter. Does it have anything to do with wedding bells?

Meanwhile, Anna has been on her own investigating Duke’s murder and now she has let Jordan in on the fact that she thinks Carlos is alive and that there is a mole in the PCPD. Now, according to We Love Soapsthe two women are working together to possibly find Carlos.

Sam and Jason end up in the same place that they shared their lives together. They both show up at their Penthouse and on Wednesday’s episode, they share another moment between them. JaSam is getting closer than ever and Jason ends up telling Sam that he had memories of her and their past together.

The newest issue of Crimson is out, but what has Maxie in a tizzy? There seems to be a problem, which could very well be the downfall for Nina and Maxie who have worked so hard to get the company up and running again. Is this something that Dillon can scramble to fix in time?

Franco has his job back as an art therapist and his newest patient seems to be little Jake. After looking over the boy’s drawing, he becomes concerned about him. He is expected to bring those concerns to Elizabeth on Wednesday. Maybe together those two will figure out what is wrong with Jake, whom General Hospital viewers have deemed “the creepy little boy.”

What do you think will happen with little Jake? Will he go berserk if he finds out that his daddy is getting closer with Sam?

Photo by YouTube screen cap/Carlybabes.

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