NFL: 3 Teams Apply for Relocation



It has been over 20 years since the National Football League has had one of their teams call Los Angeles home. In 1994 the then Los Angeles Raiders moved north and became the Oakland Raiders.

On January 4, the Raiders, the St. Louis Rams, and the San Diego Chargers have all submitted applications to relocate to Los Angeles. The League’s owners will vote on which one…or two…if any of the teams will call Los Angeles home. At one time the Rams also called LA home before moving east to St. Louis.

A decision will…hopefully…be made next week when the 32 owners meet in Houston for their annual meeting.

The owners will have a number of issues to consider when deciding whether or to allow any of the teams to relocate. St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland have all had issues with getting a new stadium built but have made plans for a stadium if they can make the move to LA. In the case of San Diego and Oakland, there is an additional issue of realignment. Currently in American Football Conference (AFC), the team would have to move to the National Football Conference (NFC) and become a part of the NFC West. But one of the current NFC West teams would have to agree to move over to the AFC West. The last time the NFL had an alignment was 2002.

The NFL is a $10 billion a year venture that continues to look for ways to increase that revenue. Over the past several years, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has pressured teams with older stadiums to “upgrade” existing stadiums or to build a new one at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to the host city.

All three of the teams who have submitted applications for relocation have also made arrangements for a stadium. The Raiders and the Chargers have entered into an agreement that would have them sharing the same stadium.

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