‘American Idol’ Farewell Season: Little Rock And San Francisco Auditions

The second night of American Idol started out in Little Rock, Arkansas with many hopefuls waiting to get in front of Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban. Here are the highlights from Thursday night (January 7).

Kris Allen was in Little Rock to help the nervous contestants along and to hold their babies. Then the judging began as they ushered in one by one to sing in front of Harry, Jennifer, and Keith.

First up was Louisiana-born Cameron Richard who told the story of having a cleft palate and is now singing for his future. He sang “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran. Harry told him that he looked like a young Paul McCartney when he sings. Of course, he took home the golden ticket to Hollywood.

Ready to “seduce” JLo with his singing abilities, Daniel Farmer smoothly belted out “How Does It Feel” by D’Angelo. Jennifer was impressed. She called him attractive and sexy. She also handed him that ticket.

Blond cutie Dalton brought his game and impressed all three judges with his unique twist, while La’Porsha Ranae, who brought along her adorable baby, sang her heart out. They both went through to Hollywood as well.

Maddie McAllister brought along her prized chicken to the American Idol audition…no, really. Her version of Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova” did not cut it this time. Many other farmers came out after her, including Trent Harmon who surprised everyone with his tremendous vocals. The farmer boy instantly turned into a soul singer. Harry told him he was his favorite so far in this competition.

Next up was San Francisco and Lee DeWyze was on hand to help out. Even as “sorry” as she was, Brook Sample seemed to take her singing seriously. Three yeses and she is off to Hollywood.

Olivia Rox has been singing since was a little whippersnapper. She took on Bruno Mars as she sat at the piano impressing the judges, who then handed her the ticket to Hollywood. She also loves Kelly Clarkson and Kelly loves her as well as stated in a post she sent out. It looks like an Idol meeting is about to happen.

“Olivia, we have got to meet! So flattered that such a talented girl likes anything I’ve ever done :)”

Malie from Alaska breezed her way through and Brandyn Burnette, who got to be judged by Ryan Seacrest, also went through. Then there was one family, who are all huge American Idol fans. Daughter Kyrsti Jewel got the golden ticket while her parents celebrated with plenty of hugs from Ryan.

Tristan McIntosh’s mom is serving in the military right now, she explained to the judges, as she sat down at the piano to sing “Cry Baby Cry.” Jennifer got the “goosies” from her audition and she told her that she reminder her of a young Alicia Keys. The best part is that her mom didn’t miss it one bit. She came out to surprise her daughter and gave her the golden ticket personally. What a great way to end the night.

American Idol returns next week on Fox for more exciting auditions. Who was your favorite this week?

Photo by YouTube screen cap/American Idol.

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