‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Wedding, A Celebration, And A Farewell


Emma demands a wedding. (Photo by YouTube screen cap)

This is a bittersweet week for General Hospital fans as they get ready to say farewell to Patrick, Robin, and Emma. Many are heartbroken that the Drake family will no longer be onscreen, so Thursday (January 7) many tears may be shed. Here is what is coming up on the next episode.

In an impromptu wedding set up by Maxie Jones in just one day, Patrick and Robin are getting remarried. Emma made the demand that they have the ceremony in Port Charles before they move to California. That way their family and friends could witness the nuptials.

However, it looks like Maxie has a near disaster. In a tweet sent out by ABC exec Nathan Varni, he states that Mac saves the day. Maxie will have issues with getting a minister there to perform the ceremony and this is where Mac comes in. He will be officiating, which is a special thing since he helped to raise Robin and she has a special place in his heart for his niece.

The celebration between this fan-favorite couple will go off without a hitch and viewers will see the Drake family ultimately leave Port Charles together. It will be an emotionally charged goodbye. It will especially be hard for Anna to have her family leave. The scenes on Wednesday between her and Robin were, as always, phenomenal.

In other General Hospital spoilers, Laura is making her rounds by visiting with Nikolas in the hospital to talk about his relationship with Hayden. It is obvious that she is not a fan of hers and on Thursday she tries to talk some sense into her son. But will he listen?

Laura will also meet up with Tracy and may even give her some advice as well. It really is great to see Laura back. Speaking of Tracy, she and Hayden have their secrets between them, but according to We Love Soaps, it seems that Tracy also knows a secret about Hayden. What does she know and will she be dangling that secret in front of Hayden to keep her in line?

How do you feel about saying goodbye to Patrick, Robin, and Emma Drake?

There is much more to come on General Hospital.

Photo by YouTube screen cap/Carlybabes.

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