International and U.S. Weather Forecast Jan. 9, 2016

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If your weather forecast calls for a thunderstorm, you’ll love this dramatic photo of lightning. (

U.S. Weather Forecast Temperatures for Major Cities:

Atlanta, GA: Hi 56 / Low 45 (rain)

Chicago, IL: Hi 42 / Low 21 (rain)

Dallas, TX: Hi 49 / Low 30

Los Angeles, CA: Hi 58 / Low 48

New York, NY: Hi 48 / Low 44

Portland, OR: Hi 41 / Low 34

International Weather Forecast Temperatures for Select Cities:

Beijing, China: Hi 37 / Low 19

London, GP: Hi 51 / Low 42 (rain)

Sydney, Australia: Hi 80 / Low 67

Tokyo, Japan: Hi 50 / Low 32

Major U.S. Weather News – Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016:

California and the West Coast dried out on Friday.  However, more rain is expected to move onshore on Saturday.  This front is not expected to be as strong as the last three fronts that brought rain to California over the past week.

An Arctic blast is bringing frigid weather down into the heart of the United States.  Along with the cold temperatures, the wind will drop the wind chills even lower.  Below is the weekend forecast in the Midwest, Plains and Rocky Mountain areas:

Further east, the temperatures will be a moderate for a few more days, but there will also be widespread rain:

This is the long-term forecast for the United States for next week.

International Weather News – Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016:

Europe will begin to thaw out over the next few days, after the recent chill:

South Korea has been experiencing unusually mild weather.  Some flowers are already in bloom:

The hot, dry weather that has been fueling the brush fires in Australia will be replaced by cooler, more humid weather, which should help the firefighters get things under control:

More Interesting Weather Related Stories:

More strange weather going on in the world.  A tropical storm has just formed in January.  It is large and strong enough to warrant a name … Tropical Storm Pali.  It has also been building in strength.

Sources of International and U.S. Weather Forecast:

Temperatures and additional information courtesy of:

Additional weather news from:

Latest weather stories from, ABC Nightly News, and “Good Morning America”

Photos and Twitter reports courtesy of WeatherChannel and BBCWeather on Twitter

** Temperatures and types of precipitation are based on forecasts by Actual temperatures and types of precipitation for this date may vary slightly. All temperatures are reported in Fahrenheit, not Celsius, unless otherwise indicated. (1/9/16)

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