The Bachelor Recap Jan. 11, 2016 – Who Ben Kept, Who Went Home

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The Bachelor Recap – 1/11/16: Caila got the one-on-one date with Ben … as well as some hot tub time. (

In the Jan. 11 episode of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins, Ben received a little help from celebrities Ice Cube and Kevin Hart on his one-and-one date.  The two comedians join Ben and Caila as they ride around in a convertible, buy flowers and go to a hot tub store.  If you haven’t watched this episode, yet, this segment is hilarious!  Learn more about the one-on-one date further on in this article.

WARNING – SPOILER ALERT:  If you have not seen this episode, you may want to wait to read this article!

Highlights from The Bachelor Recap – Episode 2 – 1/11/16

Tonight’s dates began with a group date that included Jackie, LB (Lauren Barr), Lauren H., Becca, Amber, Mandi, JoJo, Jennifer, Jubilee and Lace.  The date card said, “Let’s learn how to love.” Ben took the women back to “Bachelor” high school, where the women competed to become homecoming queen. (That probably brought back a few unpleasant memories for a some of the women.) In order to get more time with Ben, they competed in apple bobbing, geography, basketball and a race with Ben.

Mandi was the last woman standing, so she got to ride off in a convertible with Ben for a little private time together … creating jealousy in the other women, of course.  Later, the group date reconvened for a cocktail party and Ben took a little time to chat with the women and kiss JoJo, Jubilee and Jennifer.  At the end of the evening, JoJo got the date rose. (If you want to vote on who got the best kiss, you have until Wednesday afternoon to vote below.)

Next, on Ben’s agenda was a one-on-one date with Caila, although they were not completely alone. She and Ben spent part of the evening with celebrities Ice Cube and Kevin Hart … including some definitely non-private time in a hot tub together.  During a private dinner, however, Ben and Caila got a chance to talk and he gave her the date rose. Later, they had the opportunity to enjoy a special performance by singer-songwriter Amos Lee.

In a second group date, Ben took six of the women to the “Love Lab” in LA to see who they thought would be the best match for him.  The women he selected for this date were Emily, Sam, Olivia, Shushanna, Haley and Amanda.  The women were put through a series of compatibility tests with Ben, including having a blindfolded Ben smell them!  Olivia won the capability test and the date rose, but the other women were not amused.  There had only been two episodes and Olivia got a rose early both times.  They were especially irritated because, so far, she had never suffered the stress of standing nervously through a rose ceremony … and she seemed a little too gleeful about it.

Lauren B. was the only girl who did not go on a date with Ben this week, which had her understandably nervous.  However, he spent some time with her at the final cocktail party, gave her a photo of the two of them together that had been taken on the first night, and reassured her.

Lace, of course, continued to be insecure and apologized for her strange behavior the week before.  The first moment she had a chance to spend time alone with Ben, she insisted that she “was not crazy.”  Here’s what former Bachelor Sean Lowe had to say about that:

After a few more awkward moments with some of the other girls, it was time for the rose ceremony.

Olivia, JoJo and Caila already had roses, so they had nothing to worry about. Ben handed out his first batch of roses to Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B., Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace and LB.  (Yes, he kept Lace for another week!)

However, LB decides to reject her rose and leave, which meant Ben had one more rose to pass out to the other girls.  He finished the rose ceremony by giving the last of his roses to Jennifer, Emily, Jami, Lauren H., Shushanna, Haley and Amber.

In addition to LB, he sent home Samantha, Mandi, and Jackie.

Next week, Ben will only have 17 girls to date.  He’s slowly getting things down to a manageable number … if you think 17 women is a reasonable number to date at once.

At the bottom of this article you can get a recap of the women who are left and the women that went home tonight.

Now that you know what happened in The Bachelor on 1/11/16, here’s your chance to vote on which woman got the most attention.  Again, you only have until Wednesday afternoon to place your vote!

Want to Know More About the Women?

If you are getting confused by the women, or you want to know more about their backgrounds, you can read more about them or print-out their bios here:

“Meet the 28 Women on The Bachelor 2016

This print-out list will give you a handy place to make your own notes about the women as you watch the show this season … who was drunk, who got a kiss, who was chosen for the one-on-one dates and who spent extra time in the hot tub with Ben.  See if you can guess which one will be his final choice!

Here’s a Little Glimpse of the Group Date in Los Angeles this Week!

Who passed the smell test?  Who was the “most compatible” woman?

The Bachelor Recap – Who Received Roses from Ben

Amanda Stanton

Amber James

Becca Tilley

Caila Quinn

The Twins:  Emily and Haley Ferguson

Jami Letain

Jen Saviano

Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher

Jubilee Sharpe

Lace Morris

Lauren Bushnell

Lauren Himle

Leah Block

Olivia Caridi

Rachel Tchen

Shushanna Mkrtyshyan

The Bachelor Recap – Who Ben Sent Home

Amanda “Mandi” Kremer

Jackie Dion

Lauren Barr

Samantha Passmore

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