NFL: Kansas City at New England


The NFL playoffs continues with the Divisional championships. The first of the four games this weekend pits the Kansas City Chief against the New England Patriots for the right to play in the AFC championship.

The Super Bowl winning Patriots are 14 and three when it comes to winning a playoff game at home since Head coach Bill Billichek took over the team.

Visiting team the Kansas City Chiefs have won the coin toss and have chosen to defer to the second half. The Chiefs kick off to the Patriots. After a touch back the Patriots will take over possession of the ball on the 20 yard line. Facing a three and out, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady throws a pass to convert the down. Marching down the field with a series of passes; including a 13 and 16 yard passes, the Patriots score a touchdown in 13 plays covering 80 yards. Patriots lead 7-0.

Kansas City brings the kick off out of the end zone and will have a first down on the 20 yard line. After two first down plays the Chiefs face a third and 13; Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith made a 15 yard run to convert the down. But after converting a third and four the Chiefs cannot convert the third and six the Chiefs attempt a 34 yard field goal. The kcik is good – 7-3 New England.

The Kansas City kickoff was a touch back, New England will take over the ball on the 20 yard line. After converting four third downs in a row, the Patriots fail to convert a third and eight.

At the end of the first quarter the score is 7-3 New England.

The Patriots begin the second quarter with a punt and the Chiefs take over the ball on the New England 33 yard line. After losing yardage, Kansas City gets an offensive penalty and after getting out of field goal range must punt the ball. The ball is fair caught by New England on the 10 yard line.

After a three and out, the Patriots punt the ball. The Chiefs bring the ball out to the 36 yard line with a 19 yard punt return. After an unconverted third and 12, Kansas City punted the ball inside the 10 yard line. An un-necessary roughness penalty, New England takes over possession of the ball on the 2 ½ yard line.

The Patriots march down the field including a 43 yard pass play and a roughing the passer penalty that ends in an eleven yard run by quarterback Tom Brady and a New England touchdown. The extra point is good for a score of 14-3 Ne England.

The Patriots kick off the ball but are charged with an off side penalty and had to rekick the ball. Kansas City took over possession of the ball on the 33 yard line. Despite a 17 yard gain and a quarterback sneak, Kansas City could not score a touchdown and had to settle for a second field goal just befofe the half for a 14-6 New England lead.

With only 12 second left before the half, New England takes a knee and heads for the locker room.

Halftime score Patriots 14 – Chiefs 6.

New England kicks off the ball to begin the third quarter. The Chiefs start their possession on the 25 yard line. Making a third and 10 conversion for a first down, the Chiefs get a holding penalty making it first and 20. A defensive holding penalty gives Kansas City another chance but a fumble turns the ball over to the Patriots.

Taking over possession of the ball on the 31 yard line, the Patriots take the ball down the field for a third touchdown. The extra point is good for a score of 21- 6 Patriots.

Kansas City takes the touch back and starts their downs on the 20 yard line. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith completes a pass for a first down. Converting a fourth down, the Chiefs take the ball down to score their first touchdown of the game. The extra point is good and the score is 21-13 New England.

New England begins their possession on the 21 yard line and begins marching down the field. It is a first and 10 for the Patriots when the third quarter comes to an end.

At the end of the third quarter the score is New England 21 and Kansas City 13.

The fourth quarter begins with New England and a first and 10. After three incomplete passes, New England makes a 40 field goal attempt. The kick is good. The score is 24-13 New England.

Kansas City takes over the ball on the 20 yard line for a first and 10. On a third and 10 Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is sacked and on a fourth and 18 the Chiefs punt the ball. New England takes the ball on the 46 and returns it for 22 yards.

New England takes over on the 32 yard line and after an incomplete pass in the end zone, the Patriots kick a 32 yard field goal to make the score 27-13 New England.

After a touch back, Kansas City takes over possession on the 20 yard line. Kansas City completes passes for three first downs but on a fourth and 10, Alex Smith throws an interception – New England takes over the ball. But the interception is ruled out of bounds and New England takes over downs at mid-field. The Patriots go three and out and have to punt the ball.

The punt is a touch back and Kansas City takes over on the 20 yard line. Alex Smith completes a 17 yard third and eight pass to keep the Chiefs alive, but must again go for a fourth and eight to stay alive. On a series of Alex Smith runs and pass completions, the Chiefs take it down to the two minute warning. A defensive pass interference cal give Kansas City a fresh set of downs and the Chiefs takes it into the end zone for a touchdown. The extra point is good and the score is 27-20 Patriots.

Kansas City tries an onside kick but fails to recover the ball. After making a first down New England takes a kneel down to end the game.

Final score: New England Patriots 27 – the Kansas City Chiefs 20

New England will go on to the AFC championship game for the fifth year in a row.

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