Supernatural Producers Not Planning on a Series Finale Yet

Supernatural season 11

Caution: This article includes spoilers for season 11 of Supernatural.

Supernatural executive producer Jeremy Carver made it clear on Tuesday that he is not expecting a series finale yet. There are plans for a 12th season, because the Winchester storyline is not yet over.

Carver shared the information with Spinoff when asked about the idea for the 11th season finale. The show tends to end with a cliffhanger, whether it is Sam returning from Lucifer’s cage or one of the brothers dead or trapped somewhere for example. It seems that the plans are no different for this year, with the season finale opening up the questions for the 12th season premiere.

Stull Cemetery Supernatural

While fans will be happy to hear about that, many want to know what is in store for the rest of the season. They especially want to know whether Lucifer, who now has a new vessel, really has killed Rowena off or not. Ruth Connell certainly gave the impression on Wednesday night, by implying that she was parting ways with the show.

Of course, with a show like Supernatural it is possible for someone to come back from the dead or even just reappear now and then. It would not be the first time a character has made an appearance after death. Jim Beaver regularly makes a reappearance as Bobby Singer, despite the character being killed off in the seventh season and Sam and Dean Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, are still around despite dying numerous times.

For now, the brothers will have to work together. Dean has realized that he cannot kill Amara and Castiel has agreed to become Lucifer’s new vessel. While season 11 is not planning to be the final series, there will be some wondering where the second half of the season will go from here and what could possibly be in store for season 12.




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