Winter Storm Jonas – The Aftermath

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Winter Storm Jonas brought death and destruction across a large swath of the Eastern part of the U.S. (

By Jan. 24, 2016, Winter Storm Jonas had finished its sweep across the United States, leaving a path of both beauty and destruction behind it.

According to the, as of Sunday evening, Jan. 24, at least 27 people had died in incidents attributed to the blizzard.  Most of the deaths were caused by automobile accidents, shoveling snow and hypothermia.  One man died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Reading, Pennsylvania after a snowplow deluge trapped him in his car.  A mother and child in Passaic, New Jersey also died of carbon monoxide poisoning when their tailpipe got blocked by snow as they sat in a running car.

A quarter of a million people lost their power at some time over the weekend, and power has not yet been restored to many of them.  Hundreds of automobile accidents have been reported.

The heavy snow caused roofs to collapse on a number of buildings.

On Friday, Jan. 22, most large cities and small communities along the Eastern seaboard closed their schools and public facilities early.   Government officials encouraged people to stay off the streets.

On Saturday, New York City ordered a complete transportation shutdown.  No vehicles, other than snow plows, emergency vehicles and press vehicles were allowed on the streets.  Bus and train service was also temporarily halted.  Other large cities in the East quickly followed suit.  The travel bans were lifted on Sunday morning, although many of the side streets were still not clear.

To make matters worse, there was a high tide this weekend which also caused flooding in seaside communities along the coasts of Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.

New York City announced that this was their second largest snowstorm since 1869, with 26.8 inches of snow accumulated in Central Park.

The storm caused power outages throughout the region, with 100,000 people losing their power in North Carolina alone.  Tens of thousands of residents of South Carolina, Kentucky, Maryland and West Virginia also lost power.  A South Baltimore public housing complex lost their power for approximately 24 hours. The combination of freezing temperatures, heavy snow and high winds downed power lines throughout the region.

By Sunday evening, the Federal government announced that Federal offices in Washington, D.C. would remain closed on Monday as a result of Winter Storm Jonas.

Over the weekend, 9500 airline flights were cancelled because of Winter Storm Jonas.  Some flights have also been cancelled for Monday.  It could be days before many of the tens of thousands of stranded airline passengers are able to reach their destinations.

State and city governments will continue to deal with bitterly cold temperatures which will keep the snow from melting naturally, even though the storm has now passed.  Temperatures on Sunday night are predicted to drop to near 0 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the Northeast.

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