X-Files Revival Episode 1: My Struggle

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The X-Files Revival Episode 1 is the start of a fresh, long-awaited reboot of the popular series from the 1990s. (https://twitter.com/hardininstp/status/689785063920238592)

Millions of fans of the original television series are excited about the X-Files revival six-episode miniseries which aired on Sunday, January 24 on the Fox television network.  Undoubtedly, the overt political commentary in this reboot, however, will disappoint some fans.

X-Files Revival Overview: “My Struggle” – Are We Truly Alone?

Original fans of the X-Files in the 1990’s will feel comfortable with the 2016 version. The new show is designed to look familiar, starting with the opening credits sequence. Episode 1 starts almost where the series ended in 2002. Scully and Mulder are, of course, older and perhaps a little wiser, but the mood of the series is very similar.

However, do not feel as though you had to be a fan of the earlier series in order to understand what is going on in this one. The plot of the pilot has been written so that you do not need to have any prior knowledge of the show. During the first few minutes there is a voice-over by Mulder that recaps the history of Mulder and Scully and their earlier investigations, including videos of UFOs from the 1940s and 1950s.

Critics who watched all the episodes have said that the effort to bring everyone up-to-date made this episode somewhat slow and awkward.  However, the remaining episodes are much better because viewers are able to jump right in without a lot of background information.

X-Files Revival Episode 1: My Struggle

When the story begins, Scully and Mulder are no longer together and no longer in the remote cabin where they lived when the second film ended. Instead, Scully is a doctor in Washington, D.C. and Mulder has disappeared. A call from their old boss, Walter Skinner, the Assistant Director of the FBI, however, brings them together again. He asks them to meet with Tad O’Malley (played by Joel McHale), an online Glenn Beck type of character. O’Malley is extremely paranoid about government spying.  He tells Scully and Mulder that he wants to confirm the existence of aliens, which is why he asked to meet with them, since they are the  FBI agents who originally investigated alien reports.


SPOILER ALERT:  If you have not seen Episode 1, you may wish to avoid reading the rest of this post, since you may learn more than you would like to know.


O’Malley takes them to Low Moor, Virginia to meet Sveta, a mysterious woman (played by Annet Mahendru) who claims she was abducted by aliens. In fact, she says she was interviewed years before by Mulder when she was abducted for the first time as a little girl.  Sveta says she has been abducted many times by aliens and has had several pregnancies by them, but the fetuses were removed by the aliens before the babies were born. She also insists she has alien DNA.

Sveta is able to read Scully’s mind and tells her things about her relationship with Mulder.

Very quickly, Scully and Mulder are plunged back into the hunt for conspiracies involving extraterrestrials.

O’Malley then takes Mulder by helicopter to a remote location to see an alien replica vehicle which is able to run of electromagnetic energy that is completely free and readily available.  The spacecraft is also able to disappear, using mysterious element 115.

Later, Mulder goes back to talk to Sveta.  She tells him that it was not aliens who took her babies; it was human men.  She is suspicious of the government and she tells Mulder that she knows that he has always wondered if the government was lying to him, too.

Mulder calls Scully and says, “What if everything we have ever been led to believe is a lie?”

Mulder begins to believe that the alien technology discovered after the spacecraft crashed at Roswell is now under the control of the government’s military complex.  The alien technology is being used against us, not by the aliens, but by our own government.  In other words, it is not an alien conspiracy, it is a conspiracy of men.

There is a new twist in the X-Files revival, which makes it much different than a rehash of the old series. O’Malley convinces Mulder and Scully that their original conspiracy ideas about the government simply covering up the existence of aliens and UFO’s should be revised.  Aliens did come to visit us.  The government hid the existence of the alien technology to use it for their own purposes, creating drought, wars, the corporate takeover of food, and much more.  He claims that an elite force is planning to cull, kill and take over America.

Of course, all this starts to sound a little like political manipulation of the audience.

According to O’Malley, there is a conspiracy, but the government is actually hiding a variety of secrets revolving around global warming, the wars in the Middle East, NSA spying, 9/11, aerial contamination, police militarization, what is described as “FEMA prison camps,” and a plan by a U.N. type group that wants to use military force to take over of America.

As Mulder and Scully investigate his claims, they get pulled into a new world of conspiracy theories unlike anything they have ever investigated before.

Scully is skeptical of O’Malley’s claims and tells him it would be irresponsible and border on treason for him to broadcast them.  She also tells Sveta that her blood test came back negative … she does not have alien DNA in her blood.

In the final scenes in this episode, Sveta goes on TV to say that she had been coerced by O’Malley to say that she had been abducted and it was not true.  Then, a military group crashes into the remote warehouse where the alien replica vehicle was hidden and blows it up.  Sveta disappears.

Scully meets Mulder and admits to him that both Sveta and she actually do have alien DNA in their blood.

In the next scene, Sveta is seen driving in a remote area when her car suddenly ceases to work.  There is a bright light and a high pitched sound.  Sveta tries to get out of the car, but it is blown up before she can.

At the end, the Cigarette Man makes an appearance saying, “We have a small problem.  They have reopened the X-Files.”

This episode was written and directed by X-Files creator Chris Carter.

Politics and the X-Files

As I watched this episode of the X-Files, I began to wonder if there was a thinly veiled political reason for releasing an X-Files revival during a presidential campaign year.  Since the conspiracies in this new series revolve around government conspiracies rather than alien invasions, perhaps the goal of the producers was to inflame the underlying distrust of the government that many people already feel … especially ultra-conservative fans of the Fox television network.

At one point Mulder tells his boss, Walt Skinner, that since 9/11, “They police us and spy on us and tell us it makes us safer.  We have never been in more danger.”  Certainly, a large number of Fox television network viewers would agree with this outlook and the new X-Files television show is ideally designed to manipulate people and feed into this belief system.

New Conspiracies to Occupy Mulder and Scully

Creator Chris Carter freely admits that he pulled his new conspiracy ideas right off today’s conspiracy theory websites, and he found more than 500 of these websites, although he focused his attention on just one. Carter said that in choosing which conspiracy theories he wanted to use, “I’ve kept my finger to the wind trying to figure out what’s relevant and possibly credible. People know the show deals with science and fact and also deals with far-flung theories about not only the supernatural but government conspiracies. It throws out as many questions as it does answers.”

The primary conspiracy website that Carter browsed to find some of his story lines was The Thrive Movement.

The Trailer for the New X-Files Miniseries

Here’s an X-Files cartoon published on Twitter by fan Joe Harris.

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