California Escaped Inmates are Back in Police Custody

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The three California escaped inmates who have been on the run for more than a week after escaping from the Orange County jail are all now back in police custody. (

The three California escaped inmates are back in police custody, as of Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016.  They had been on the run for over a week after breaking out of the Orange County jail, until one of them, Bac Duong, turned himself in on Friday.  The other two, Jonathan Tieu and Hossein Nayari, were captured Saturday in San Francisco.

On Friday, Jan. 29, Bac Duong, who was no longer with the other two men, went to a Southern California body shop where he asked a friend to call the police.  Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jeff Hallock said that Mr. Duong had then cooperated with them in their investigation, which may have helped in the capture of the other two men.

Several friends and family members of Bac Duong expressed relief that he had turned himself in.  They were concerned that he might have ended up being killed in a shoot-out with the police.  According to reports from Fox News, Duong told the police that a gang with which he was associated threatened to kill him if he did not surrender.

Duong also told the police that at one time he had been with the other two men in San Jose, in Northern California, and that the other men might have headed to Fresno after he left them.  The men were later located in San Francisco, still using the van that had been stolen by them the week before.

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens held a press conference on Saturday to announce that all three of the inmates were back in custody.  She said, “The entire state can breathe a sigh of relief.”

The last two men were captured by San Francisco police.  The van was parked in the parking lot of a Whole Foods Market.  When police approached the van, Nayari tried to run, but was captured.  When the police then checked the van, they discovered that Tieu was still inside.  As suspected, the men had been living out of the van.  Police found a number of .380 ammunition rounds in the van, but no weapons were found.

The California escaped inmates are all now back in custody and the two who were captured in San Francisco will be returned to Orange County as soon as arrangements can be made.

Prior to their escape, the three men had been awaiting trials on separate charges for violent crimes.  Nayari was considered particularly dangerous because he was accused of torture, dismemberment and attempted murder of his victim.

The men escaped from the Orange County jail when they managed to cut through a metal grill, crawl through a plumbing tunnel, climb to the roof, push aside barbed wire and rappel down a four-story wall using ropes they had made from bed linen.  It was 16 hours before jail officials discovered they were missing.

A woman instructor at the prison was also arrested this week for providing the men with Google maps that aided in their escape.  Another ten people have also been arrested in connection with the escape and more arrests are possible after investigators interview the men.


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