Russian fighter jet violates Turkish airspace

Turkey has called upon the Russian ambassador to Ankara after claiming a Russian Su-34 fighter jet has violated its airspace, despite being warned in Russian and English prior to the pilot entering Turkish airspace on Friday.

As reported by Russia Today, the Turkish Foreign Ministry denounced the event and said in a statement the alleged violation was “a clear sign that Russia is seeking to escalate already existing tensions.” The ministry called it “a type of irresponsible behavior” and warning Russia that the country would hold them “fully responsible” for any potential “undesirable dire consequences” that may arise.

The press secretary for the Russian embassy in Ankara, Igor Mityakov, confirmed the Russian ambassador, Andrey Karlov, engaged in a meeting with the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

Since Turkey downed a Russian Su-24 over Syria in November, tensions have been high. A Turkish F-16 shot down the Su-24 jet after stating the jet violated Turkish airspace for 17 seconds, ignoring multiple warnings before the pilot entering Turkish airspace. Moscow has disputed these claims, stating the Su-24 never flew out of Syrian airspace.

Syrian rebels killed one of the two pilots as he parachuted to the ground. The other pilot was rescued, while a marine was also killed in the duration of the rescue operation.

As a result of the November incident, Moscow has applied sanctions against Ankara, including “banning agricultural trade with Turkey, reintroducing a visa regime and suspending most bilateral economic projects, including the Turkish Stream gas pipeline construction project.”

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