Mass Grave of Yazidi Women and Children Discovered in Sinjar, Iraq

Just this past week CNN reported a fresh grave packed with bodies of mostly Yazidi children and women was discovered in a city called Sinjar which is located in the northern part of Iraq.

Mayor Mahama al-Shangali revealed to a CNN reporter that this new mass grave was holding the remains of 130 women, children, and young men. These were Yazidi men, women, and children who were slaughtered after they refused to convert to the Islam fate or work with the Islamic State. Mohammed Shia al-Sudani went on to report that ISIS has buried excess of 500 Yazidi people alive since this grave was discovered.

It was in November of 2015 when Sinjar was captured by the Kurdish Peshmerga militia and it was soon after that the first mass grave of Yazidi people refusing to convert surfaced. After the ISIS takeover, there have been reports involving mass execution of these people including the sexual enslavement and abuse of both children and women.

Roughly 400 Yazidi children have been forced to convert and have been brainwashed in order to ready them for a suicide mission or for combat tasks for ISIS. It has been estimated that almost 2,000 of these people have been executed and nearly another 4,000 have been reported missing.

Yazidis are considered to be devil worshipers by the Islamic State. Yazidi is monotheistic at a religion that dates back to the 12th century. The religion uses a caste system very similar to Hindus and they pray five times a day similar to Muslims.


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