Texas Father Found Not Guilty of Stealing 12 Year Old Daughter’s Phone

A father in Dallas, Texas who was accused of theft after confiscating his 12-year-old daughter’s cellphone after what he considered to be an inappropriate text was acquitted of the charge.

The Grand Prairie police officials arrested Ronald Jackson, 36 years old father, a couple hours after he confiscated his daughter’s cellphone and refused to give it back. The father told police he found a text on the phone to be “rude”. It was the girl’s mother who reported the cellphone as stolen as she was the owner of the phone.

Ronald Jackson posted a $1,500 bail in order to get out of jail. He later received a citation in the mail for theft, but he refused to pay the citation. The father was able to go to court and successfully fight the citation 3 years after the incident initially occurred.

The judge overseeing the case determined the father was not guilty because there was insufficient evidence to charge him with the crime he was accused of.

commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A_cell_phone_displays_an_application_designed_by_U.S._Airmen_supporting_Joint_Task_Force-National_Capital_Region_130116-A-MZ229-001.jpg (image credit)

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