More than 600 animals rescued from no-kill animal shelter in North Carolina

Dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and other animals were rescued from no-kill animal shelter.

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A near record breaking animal rescue happened at a no-kill animal shelter that was supposed to be helping animals find their forever homes and keeping them safe until they found a home for them. More than 600 animals, including dog, cats, horses, pigs, and other animals were rescued from The Haven animal shelter in Raeford, North Carolina.

According to The Washington Post on Jan. 30, this animal rescue that was done by the ASPCA, was the second largest animal rescue done in history. According to the report, the largest one done was in 2012 when there was a recovery of more than 700 cats in Florida. During the time of the report, they had recovered 270 dogs, 250 cats, 40 horses, and many pigs but now the count has been over 600 of these animals that were rescued from this so-called, private, no-kill animal shelter.

Fox News reported that 300 puppies and dogs were already in a temporary shelter as of Friday where 10 veterinarians, as well as at least 39 volunteers and other staff members from the ASPCA, were taking care of these dogs and puppies. They had to be treated for many different illnesses including open wounds, severe upper respiratory illness, and more. Many of the animals were malnourished and rescuers even found some animal carcasses on the 122 acre property.

Fox News also stated that once the live animals were removed from the filthy kennels and were placed in a clean kennel with nice bedding in it and food and water, which they were often left without at the so-called animal shelter in North Carolina, they were a lot happier. In fact, ASPCA shelter director, Ehren Melius, had this to say about the happy animals once they were removed from the pitiful kennels they were kept in:

They were ecstatic.  Our goal is to make each day better for them than the day before.

The owners of the so-called no-kill animal shelter called, The Haven in Raeford, North Carolina, Stephen Joseph Spear and Linden Spear appeared in court on animal cruelty charges on Thursday. Their attorney was contacted for a comment but couldn’t be reached. They last had a license for the no-kill animal shelter from the state back in June of 2015. They were inspected in June and again last Monday after there were several complaints made against them. After they failed to fix the problems with the shelter, the animals were finally rescued.

Despite the shortcomings of the problems with the shelter and the couple not fixing those problems, and despite the horrible conditions the animals were left in, Stephen Joseph Spear and Linden Spear still have people rooting for them. They are currently staying in a home of a friend, Nancy Moore, who says the couple have dedicated their lives to taking care of animals. In fact, she stated,

I think they have provided a tremendous service in terms of the community, and certainly for animals. I would say they have basically dedicated their lives to taking care of them.

Fox News said, some animals even had broken legs and one dog has such severe kidney failure, it had to be euthanized.

After the rescue was complete, at least 650 animals were taken out of the shelter.

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