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The Originals season 3

Caution: This article contains spoilers for The Originals episode that aired on January 29, 2016.

In the mid-season finale of The Originals, fans were shocked to find Cami dead. With Klaus finding her body, it was clear all hell was about to break loose. The mid-season premiere picked up from that moment, with a flashback to Klaus talking about death.

The Originals Cami Dead

Cami’s Surprise Return

Dead does not mean characters stay dead on The Originals. As many fans likely expected, Cami made a return within three minutes of the episode, after seeing Klaus trash the room and cry over her body. It was a shock moment for both characters, as they know what this means; Cami must have had vampire blood in her system before she died.

Cami whispers one word—Aurora. We then get the flashback of Aurora compelling Cami to drink her blood and then slit her throat. Now the question is whether she will finish the transition or not; and Klaus certainly seems to want her to.

Elijah has more bad news for his brother. Freya’s pendant is missing and that means Finn’s soul is also missing. As Klaus makes it clear that everyone will pay, Elijah tells him to stay with Cami, who needs him more.

Cami certainly makes it clear that she is not sure if she can feed on human blood. Considering the type of human she has been, this is unsurprising. She also goes through the expected emotions, including the realization that her family line will end. Klaus cannot live without her, but Cami refuses to drink the vial of human blood he brought. The biggest fear for Cami, though, is that she has no idea the type of person she will be and she worries her dark side will take over as a vampire. In the end, Klaus gets Freya to create a boundary spell, leaving her locked in a room with a glass of blood so he can go off and save Hayley. It is a battle of wills, as Klaus makes it clear he would never forgive himself if he let her die, despite forcing her to drink would mean she would never forgive him for that.

Vincent Forced to Do Magic

Vincent finds himself forced to do the magic that Tristan wants performed. If Vincent does not, then Tristan will just place Finn back in his body and that is not something Vincent wants to happen. His only request is that he gets the pendent afterwards. As expected, Tristan betrays him and keeps him in place knowing that this witch could become useful in the future.

While Tristan is off, Vincent soon gets the upper hand, making it clear that ancestors of his enemies would not be happy. When he kills all but one, he is almost killed but Elijah comes to the rescue. He also takes Freya’s pendant before Vincent has a chance. Vincent’s words make it clear that Elijah has something over him to make him do his bidding.

The Originals Elijah

Jackson and Hayley Attacked

Meanwhile, down at the bayou, Hayley and Jackson are attacked by a group of vampires. It looks like the two could get the upper hand, but there are more and more vampires who attack.

Hayley wakes up chained in a cellar, next to a dying Jackson. It turns out there is wolfsbane being pumped into them and Jackson is not healing as he should. It gives him a chance to share his love with her—just how real it always has been. Tristan does not give Jackson the chance to die slowly. He rips out his heart in front of a screaming, emotional Hayley. Goodbye, Jackson, we will miss you but it does mean Hayley and Elijah have another chance now.

Very quickly, Tristan manages to drop the heart off at the Compound and it is clear Elijah has to do something. She is going to be next, and Elijah just cannot let that happen. Freya and Klaus are more than happy to work together to help her, and Freya knows just how to get the advantage.

Everyone Works Together to Save Hayley

Vincent ends up working with the Original family, causing a car to overturn so Elijah can kill vampires and Klaus can take Aurora. While that happens, Freya ends the boundary spell and gives Cami a chance to make her big decision: starve alone or risk the rest of her life to help Freya.

Having Aurora certainly gives the Originals the upper hand, but Tristan refuses to deal. Instead of turning over Hayley, he orders his vampires to fill her with wolfsbane. It seems like the Original family have a feeling something like this will happen though, because Freya and Vincent channel their power together as Tristan’s vampires surround Klaus and Elijah at the dockyard.

As Tristan goes into the shipping container to save Aurora, she pulls the saratura out of his pocket and traps Tristan in the container. Surely Tristan should have learned that Klaus always has a plan up his sleeve. Of course, he believed he had the bigger numbers, but it becomes clear that numbers mean nothing when it comes to The Originals. It turns out that Aurora was never in the container. Cami was magically disguised as her. Elijah also makes a good speech about how they are following a “fool,” who “engineered” it all to end a “petty grievance.”

Marcel helps by convincing them to stand out. Why waste any more vampires to help Tristan?

With the fight not even started but ended, Klaus tries once more to get Cami to feed. Elijah is the vampire with the logic, encouraging his brother to allow Cami to make the choice. He clearly believes that Cami will come to the decision to feed in the end; after all, that is something Elena did at the last minute, right?

Just as Elijah and Klaus are about to close the container on a trapped Tristan, Hayley has something to say. Her grief is coming through, and this is something that I cannot wait to see in the next few episodes. We’ve already had hints that she will go through a range of emotions, and it is clear she will go through the five stages of grief and as a hybrid those emotions will be intensified.

In the end, it is Vincent who helps Cami make her decision. As she leaves flowers at her brother’s grave, they have a heart to heart. Vincent makes it very clear that he is not going to judge, but does believe the world is better with Cami in it. In that moment, she believes that maybe she should stick around but it would mean needing to feed. Vincent offers up his blood, asking her if she is sure about it. The last line of “not in the slightest” is a poignant moment for Cami; what will she become?

Things would suggest that all is over with Tristan, but it is clear that will not happen. Aurora breaks free of Freya’s barrier spell and will be out for more revenge.

Rather than ending on an angry moment, The Originals gives us all a moment to mourn one of the best wolves on the show. Hayley’s pack and Elijah surround his body as she covers him and sets his pyre alight. It is the moment I needed to make it clear that Jackson is definitely dead and not coming back, and a great way to show that Hayley’s storyline will focus on her grief for much of the rest of season three of The Originals.

In the final moment, we do get a look at Vampire Cami. There is a hint that Klaus could have a run for his money when it comes to sadistic evil. That is something I am definitely looking forward to next week.

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