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The Conjuring

Retro Reviews “The Conjuring” is the first in several retro reviews to give you the insight you need to choose your own fun movie night at home. I found this little dash of horror pretty much everything I look for in a movie of the ‘fright-night’ genre. This creepy-feeling film tells the tale of how well-known, real life, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) are called in to rid a farmhouse from a powerful, well-rooted, evil entity. 

Yes, it contains all the right ingredients to set us up for the same cliche of a setting that most classic horror sets use: The old farmhouse, the lovely family that you emphasize with, creepy toys, dark corners and doors to places you should never venture through. But the test of time and popularity has shown that these ingredients are what works best. Difficult to feel too frightened in a modern condo.

The main family is the Perron family (Lily Taylor and Ron Livingston)who are being terrorized by a demonic entity that torments all the members of the the family, including their five daughters, but seems to finally settle on the mother. And the best scary fun starts when the paranormal investigators show up.

The cast do the best they can in making it all very real under the superb direction of James Wan (the Saw and Insidious).

The Conjuring could be classified as a great movie for a cold winter night as it will certainly get your blood temperature up. As a horror and suspense movie goes, it achieves its intended job of creeping and frightening as best it can. Having said that, I have been more frightened in other horror/thriller movies but after being disappointed in many of the recent ones, this one did make the grade. I recommend you watch this with a cushion to hide behind and an empathetic loved one. My personal rating: 7/10

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