‘American Idol’ Farewell Season: The Top 24 Is Chosen


Who made it to the top 24 on American Idol? (Photo by YouTube)

The show started with 51 contestants but by the end of the night, only 24 were picked to continue on their path to be the final American Idol.

As Keith, Harry, and Jennifer sat in their comfy chairs ready to either make someone’s dream come true or crush their hearts, one by one the aspiring musicians took that long walk up to meet their fate.

Stefany Negrete was the first one to make it to the top 24. Jennifer told her that she was one of her favorites. Shelbie Z was next and after singing “Barracuda,” the judges told her that she made it as well.

Spunky Michelle Marie belted out Carrie Underwood’s “Toy Guns” but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get her through. She was sent home, as well as Colette Lush, who gave a not-so-strong performance. Jessica Cabral, Jessica Clark, Ameet Kanon, and Terrian were also sent home.

MacKenzie Bourg melted the girl’s hearts on stage by singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. He also melted the judges’ hearts as they loved his version of the song and welcomed him to the top 24.

Trent Harmon, who had been suffering from mono, performed Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer.” Mono sure didn’t stop him from joining the 24. Jenna Renae, James VII, Kory Wheeler, and Adam Lasher also made it.

Mountain girl Jeneve Mitchell took on a different version of “Ring of Fire,” which got Keith on his feet. She was unique enough to get a yes from the judges. CJ Johnson, Amelia Eisenhauer, and Lee Jean moved on as well. Unfortunately, it was the end of the road for Lee’s best friend, Sara Sturm. Others followed her walking out the door instead of moving on in the competition.

That wasn’t the case for tomboy Avalon Young. Keith told her that she has quite a stage presence and then told her that she made it through.

Fan-favorite Dalton Rapattoni started freaking out a bit after seeing quite a few talents getting sent home. Harry started out by telling him that he was sometimes inconsistent but that didn’t seem to matter because he is into the top 24. Manny Torres is as well. However, a handful of others were told no.

Thomas Stringfellow was having a bad day after his girlfriend broke up with him and he was really hoping that the judges wouldn’t break his heart, too. That was not the case. They made his day better by saying yes. The judges also decided to give Sonika Vaid a chance to move on, but for Malie Delgado, it was a no for her.

Olivia Rox woke up sick the morning of her last performance but she gave it her all and it was well worth it because she made it, as did Emily Brooke who got her second chance this time around.

More eliminations continued but for Gianna Isabella, who is following in her mother’s footsteps, she is now moving on. Jenn Blosil, Tristan McIntosh, Jordan Sasser, and LaPorsha Renae rounded out the top 24.

These musicians will continue to show the judges more of their talents next week on American Idol. However, five people will end up being eliminated.

Photo by American Idol/YouTube.

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