Low Fat Foods, Smoothies and Sports Drinks Aren’t Necessarily Healthy for You

Low Fat Foods, Smoothies and Sports Drinks Aren’t Necessarily Healthy for You

It is always diet season for one reason or another. People switch to low fat foods and drink their smoothies, thinking they are healthy for them. The truth is not all are that great for your health.

Smoothies are made out of fruit, so the general idea is that they are good for a person. Weight Watchers’ new plan change brought in the concept that blended fruit now carries points. British healthy eating plan Slimming World already followed that belief. According to Weight Watchers, people are more likely to over-consume fruit by drinking smoothies, therefore drinking more natural sugars. Because of that, the plan introduced points values for smoothies with blended fruit.

Are high fat diets good for you

It also depends on the ingredients used in smoothies. The shop-bought products often contain extra sugars and ingredients to make them taste better. They contain empty calories, and lead to weight gain rather than weight loss.

Likewise, sports drinks are not recommended for dieters. They also contain extra sugars, designed to replace those lost through exercise. However, exercise researchers found that the drinks were not a requirement for those doing most forms of fitness. Water and a little extra protein, such as 20g, was enough.

Men’s Fitness recommends sports drinks for those who are doing high intensity exercise or those exercising for 60 minutes or more. Water does not have the sodium that the body loses, which is required to help the body absorb water, according to New York Giants nutritionist Heidi Skolnik. Sports drinks have this and also include a flavor to encourage athletes to drink more.

Sugar has been in the news a considerable amount lately for causing weight gain. At one time, fat was the main reason people were overweight or obese. Now, it has been found that low fat diets are not necessarily a good thing. They do not help people lose weight, or help reduce health problems like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Should you drink sports drinks

Manufacturers are more likely to add extra sugars and flours to their low fat, no fat and reduced fat products to make sure they taste good. That means still including extra calories, so people will still gain weight. Robert Atkinson suggested a high fat diet in the 1970s to lose weight, because people are more likely to feel fuller eating fattier foods compared to low fat options that are full of sugar. This means they consume fewer calories and are more likely to lose weight.

When it comes to weight loss, the number of calories going in needs to be lower than the number of calories going out. Those foods and drinks that are touted as being healthy are not necessarily helping you.


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