Stock Market Weekly Statistics – Feb. 1 – 5, 2016

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Stock Market Weekly Statistics: It was a very volatile week in early February. geralt / Pixabay

During the first week of February, 2016, the stock market continued to be volatile, following the worst January since 2009.  All three of the major indices are in an official correction, with the Nasdaq down more than 16 percent below its recent high.  Below is the stock market overview and the numbers for the week and the year-to-date:

Dow Jones Industrial Averages:

End of 2015:  17,425.03      Jan. 31, 2016: 16,466.30   (-5.5 percent drop in Jan.)

Feb. 5, 2016:  16,204.97     (-1.58 percent change this week; -7.0 percent drop in 2016)

52 Week High:  18,351.40  (now -11.7 percent below its 52 week high)

S & P 500:

End of 2015:   2,043.94      Jan. 31, 2016:  1,940.24    (-5.1 percent drop in Jan.)

Feb. 5, 2016: 1,880.05     ( -3.1 percent change this week; -8.02 percent drop in 2016)

52 Week High:  2,134.72  (now -11.93 percent below its 52 week high)


End of 2015:  5,007.41     Jan 31, 2016: 4,613.95    (-7.9 percent in. Jan.)

Feb. 5, 2016:  4,363.14    (-5.44 percent change this week; -12.87 percent drop in 2016)

52 Week High:  5,231.94  (now -16.6 percent below its 52 week high)

Issues Contributing to Market Changes in Early February

  • On Monday, Feb. 1, the major indices were virtually unchanged.  Construction spending and personal income were both up slightly in December.  However, consumer spending was flat.
  • On Tuesday, Feb. 2, the Dow dropped nearly 300 points, the Nasdaq fell over 100 points and the S&P 500 lost 36 points.  All this happened when oil fell to around $30 a barrel. Several oil companies, including Chevron, were downgraded by S&P.  Yahoo also had bad earnings.  In the UK, stocks fell sharply after BP released their 4th quarter earnings, which were down 91 percent.

One recent problem is the fact that U.S. exports have fallen:

  • On Wednesday, Feb. 3, oil rebounded a little and so did the stock market.  Crude oil closed at $32.28 a barrel.  The Dow was up 183 points, the S&P was up a little less than 10 points, and the Nasdaq was up over 12 points.
  • On Thursday, Feb. 4, the Dow rebounded a little more.  The Dow was up almost 80 points, but the S&P was up less than 3 points and the Nasdaq a little over 5 points. Oil prices slipped again.
  • On Friday, Feb. 5, all the major indices fell dramatically today.  The Dow fell 211.61 points; the S&P 500 was down 35 points and the Nasdaq plunged 146 points.  In addition, oil fell below $31 a barrel.  The January earnings report was mixed, with only 151,000 jobs created, but unemployment dropping to 4.9 percent.  However, some analysts believe that this bear market has not yet seen its bottom.

Not everyone is concerned about the future of the economy or the price of oil.  Certainly, Warren Buffet doesn’t appear to be:

Significant Dates, Events and Economic Reports in February

  • 4 – Productivity and Costs for the 4th Quarter of 2015
  • 5 – January, 2016 Employment Situation is reported.
  • 9 – Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey for Dec. 2015.
  • 12 – U.S. Import and Export Price Indexes for Jan. 2016
  • 17 – Producer Price Index for Jan. 2016
  • 19 – Consumer Price Index and Real Earnings for Jan. 2016
  • 25 – Annual Volunteering in the U.S. report


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