Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show…

SB Halftime

For some it was a highly anticipated event, but not because of the headlining event; it was because of “Queen B” Beyonce’s appearance.

The NFL announced last year that theheadlining entertainment for the golden anniversary of the Super Bowl would be the British rockers Coldplay.

Joining Coldplay during the 12 minute performance was Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Both Beyonce and Mars are return performers for the Super Bowl.

Coldplay promised the show would be about the past, present, and future. With an introduction from Janelle Monae, the past featured clips from past Super Bowl performances that included The Boss, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Sir Paul McCartney, and The Rolling Stones.

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin opened the show down on the football field itself and later moved on to the sage with his band mates where there were hundreds of fans crowding around it.

The field itself was filled with a marching band and “dancing flowers”.

The sound for the performance was dismal at best with almost non existent lyrics, little instrumentation, and plenty of drums.

Starting out at the DJ table Bruno Mars performed the hit “Uptown Funk”.

Donned in a blue outfit Beyonce also made her appearance from the field surrounded by dancers for a performance of her own. Once she moves on to the stage, Beyonce joins Mars for some “Uptown Funk” and then Chris Martin joins in.

The audio for the online video of the performance is much better than the live performance.

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