Several injured after leopard enters school in Bengaluru

It took officials approximately 10 hours to capture a male leopard after it entered a private school near the suburb Varthur in Bengaluru on Sunday, attacking and injuring six people as they attempted to capture it.

The male leopard was tranquilized and captured after several attempts to corner the feline were made. Upon capturing the leopard, it was transported to a national park and the injured individuals were taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Conservation scientist Sanjay Gubbi and forest official, Benny Maurius were among those injured during the attempt to seize the leopard.

The leopard was seen walking around on CCTV cameras around 4:13 a.m. after it entered Vibgyor International School, and school authorities contacted police and forest officials, who immediately came to the school. Throughout the day, the leopard temporarily evaded capture by hiding just outside of the school premises and reentering by climbing over a compound wall.

Even though it had been tranquilized, the personnel had to wait for the drug to take full effect before they could safely catch the leopard and remove it from the school.

Wildlife official, Ravi Ralph told the BBC Hindi’s correspondent, Imran Qureshi that the leopard possibly strayed into the school from a patch of forest not far from the school.

In Sept. 2015, a leopard census was conducted, using the same methods as the previous year’s tiger census, to obtain an approximate count of the population. According to the lead scientist, Yadvendradev V Jhala, the leopard population was estimated to fall between 12,000 and 14,0000.

It is well known that big cats, like leopards, periodically stray into areas inhabited by humans as human population soars. Scientists continue to warn that incidents like these may continue to increase as humans move into known animal habitats, reducing the territory available to the animals, and forcing them to adapt.

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