The Originals Season 3 Episode 11: Wild at Heart Recap

The Originals recap

Caution: This article contains spoilers of The Originals episode that aired February 5, 2016.

This week’s episode of The Originals promised to show the dark side of Cami after her decision to turn into a vampire. At the same time, it focused on the shunned Davina, with a chance for her to reunite with Kol.

A New Leadership for the Enemy

With Tristan gone, Aya made it clear that she was ready to take over the enemy’s group of vampires. Bringing in witch Arianna to delve into the loyalty of her vampires, Marcel and the others are given tarot cards. Those who are loyal get the Knight of Pentacles, and those who are not get the Hanged Man.

When one says that he has no need to be loyal to Aya, she quickly takes off his head with one hand; showing the others that they do need to fear her. It is instantly clear that Marcel worries about what his card shows, and is surprised to reveal the knight, making Aya happy. The question is whether he is loyal or whether Arianna has set it up for him to receive the card he needs.

Arianna is Aya’s secret weapon and Elijah now needs to know what Aya wants from him. Arianna needs to absorb history, and Elijah is the quickest way to do that. Arianna will look into his mind to see everything he has learned in the last 1,000 years. Elijah knows that he has no choice but to agree. She sees all the darkness the Mikaelson family has been through, and everything that is to come. Fear fills her voice, as she tells him all. It sounds like she has seen the weapon that will kill them all.

The Originals S3E11 Cami

Davina Deals With Exile

Davina continues to try to practice magic but even the witches at the herb stalls are ignoring her. On top of that, they are ignoring Josh, who is clearly still on his friend’s side. It turns out that Davina has been ignoring Josh’s calls, but he continues to be her friend. Davina has no time for him as Aya turns up, wanting her help.

While with Aya, Davina is given the parchment with the spell to raise the dead. It gives her the chance to raise Kol from the dead, but Aya wants her to become one of her sisters.

She is not so trusting and she cannot trust the witches who shunned her. There is only one person she can trust, but it means crossing over to the other side to talk to Kol, and that means using a spell channelling Josh’s power. He is clearly not happy with the idea, because it could mean Davina dying for good. The problem is Davina already took the poison that she needs for the spell, making Josh do everything she needs. Josh becomes her link to the living, and something just has to go wrong. This is The Originals after all.

Davina crosses over, seeing Josh watch over her body. She realizes that it worked and now she needs to get to Kol. It does not take long, and she comes across Kol’s original form. He helps her get away as The Ancestors realize that she is there.  After an initial conversation about his original face, she tells him about the possible spell to bring him back to life. He lies about it being a fake, but Davina sees through it. Kol admits that the spell is too dangerous, and realizes which coven it belongs to. He begs her to find another way to bring him back, but something tells me that she will give in anyway. They do not have time to discuss further when The Ancestors show up.

The Original Family Have a New Vampire Problem

Cami has a daylight ring, thanks to Klaus, and now she is gone. Elijah takes on this new vampire problem, along with the group of vampires who may have a way to kill the Original family. Klaus does not seem that worried about anything, but maybe he is just happy about having another vampire who seems to have the same lust for blood and darkness like he does.

Hayley admits that she was up around sunrise and saw Cami leave. It is her opening to ask if she can stay, and it is clear Elijah worries about her too. Klaus shows his good side, telling Hayley she always has a home with them. He has become extremely protective since she gave birth to his child.

Hayley returns to the bayou to collect some things for herself and Hope, but lays eyes on one of Jackson’s old shirts. This makes it clear she is going through the stages of grief, and first up is denial. She will do anything to pretend that he is not really gone.

Meanwhile, Arianna pays Josh a visit, forcing him to let go of Davina’s hand. It looks like Arianna becomes her link as she enters the ghostly plane. She helps Davina get out of the ghostly plane, as Kol holds The Ancestors off. When she sees the link to Josh broken, Arianna helps Davina use her power to get herself out of the ghostly plane. Once out, Davina wants to know whether Arianna was offered the same deal she was. Arianna can read through the lines and tells Davina that the decision to join the coven was worth it.

The Originals S3E11 Cami and Klaus

Cami Lets Herself Enjoy Her Freedom

Now that Cami is a vampire, she has a new lust for life. She not only has a darkness like Klaus, but a new lease that Elena had after turning her humanity off in The Vampire Diaries season four. Cami’s first place to go is the bar, but it seems Klaus can read her mind. He appears at the end of the bar, making it clear that he is not about to let her just disappear. Is he there to help or hinder?

Without asking, Klaus tells her that he stopped Cami from tearing the man she met at the bar apart. Cami makes it clear she is more than happy to do that—and compel anyone she likes. After all, that is just what Klaus has always done. For Klaus, there is an art. He does not do thing just for the sake of it. Cami looks like Klaus is getting through to her, telling him that her emotions are everywhere. All Klaus wants to do is to help her, and it is unclear whether Cami is playing him just to get her own way.

While giving a lesson on feeding, Cami makes it clear that she is not interested in taking lessons from Klaus. He tells her he wants to stop her from having no chance of absolution. As he appears to get through to her, Cami switches personality and snaps Klaus’ neck. She is happy with who she has become.  When Klaus comes back and finds her again, Cami uses her therapist capabilities to get to his real feelings.

When Klaus fails to get through to Cami, Hayley says she wants a go. One thing she and Cami have in common is the way they have been caught up in the Mikaelson family drama, just like Jackson. Cami tries to turn it around on Hayley, telling her that she is now free and can go after Elijah. It seems that Hayley does get through to Cami, as she realizes just how hurtful she was mentioning Jackson. There is a dark pain in Cami, and Klaus is definitely not going to be the one to help.

While they talk, Elijah tells Klaus about the weapon that can kill them, well, the pale horse. It takes a conversation with Hayley and a mention of Rebecca for Klaus to realize what that weapon is. It turns out the pale horse is a trinket he made for Rebecca when they were younger. The horse was made of white oak and it is somewhere in the house. While searching for it, Klaus puts it all together. The horse is gone and only one person has the knowledge and capabilities to know what to take; Cami.

In the last moments, Davina apologizes and thanks Josh for his help. It is a chance for them to rebuild their friendship, with Josh admitting that he knows he will never be as happy as he was with Aiden. It is the push that Davina needs to decide to join the coven to bring Kol back. For Josh, it is the reminder that friends are important and he turns to Marcel with the news that Davina just became one of the Stricks’ witches.

When Elijah comes to see Arianna again, she fears for her life because she knows she cannot live after everything she saw. Elijah drinks her blood and then drops her body into the pool of water.

Finally, Hayley comes across Jackson’s shirt again but this time takes hold of it. Her grief moves from denial to sadness, as she struggles to deal with the loss of her husband. As the music plays, Elijah turns up to witness her heartbreak. He is at a loss for words, but Hayley is the one to open up as she goes through her stages of grief in the last 24 hours. The guilt comes through, and Elijah takes that moment to sit in the kitchen with her and just be there as she tells him she feels guilty because Jackson loved her, and love is a death sentence something Elijah would understand all too well.

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