XFiles Revival Episode 4: Home Again

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The XFiles Revival – Episode 4 – This episode in the television miniseries first aired on Feb. 8, 2016. (https://twitter.com/thexfiles/status/695384401815810049)

X-File Revival: Episode 4 – Home Again

While the were-monster in Episode 3 of the XFile revival seemed to be friendly, the monster in Episode 4 is much scarier and darker.

Warning:  This recap contains spoilers!

The episode begins more seriously than the last one.  A heartless city official is using fire hoses to evict homeless people from a new development.  A trash truck pulls up and drops off a huge, creepy man who is unquestionably this week’s monster.  The “monster” rips the arms off the bureaucrat; he then jumps into the compacter of the trash truck and leaves.  Who is driving the truck?

When the body of the city official, Lt. Gaeta, is found, Scully and Mulder are brought in to investigate.  However, they quickly suspect that the death was not caused by “human hands.”  A detective has asked them to consult on the case because, as he says, they have dealt with other “spooky” cases in the past.

Scully rushes off after receiving a call that her mother is dying, leaving Mulder to initially deal with the investigation by himself.  Among the things that he notices is a band-aid that became stuck to his shoe while he was at the crime scene.

Mulder also encounters the angry president of the Bucks County School Board and the equally irritated builder of the condos where the murder took place. Mulder then talks to a helpful homeless man who tells him the name of the mysterious creature is Band-aid Nose Man.

Mulder has the band-aid from his shoe tested and the FBI lab tech tells him that it does not contain either organic or inorganic material.  What??  The creature they are hunting is “neither dead nor alive” and, as they have already noted, does not seem to leave footprints, which even Mulder comments is “impossible.”  Are they looking for a zombie?

Meanwhile, Scully is at her mother’s bedside and learns that she has left “Do Not Resuscitate” orders, bringing back memories for Scully of her own experience of being in a coma.

In the next scene, two capitalist art collectors have cut out the billboard created by street artist “Trash Man.”  Immediately, Band-aid Nose Man shows up and kills both of them, suffocating one and tearing the other one apart with his bare hands.

Band-aid Nose Man is not finished, however.  He also enters the suburban home of the school board president and tears her apart, too, stuffing a portion of her into her own trash compactor.

Back at the bedside of Scully’s mother, she wakes up, looks at Mulder who is there to support Scully, and says, “My son’s name is William, too.”  She immediately dies.

Throughout these events, Mulder and Scully continue to miss their own child, William, who was put up for adoption years before. Now they have regrets and some deeply emotional feelings about the loss, made only the worse by the circumstances surrounding the death of Scully’s mother.

Immediately, however, Mulder and Scully get back to work, looking for the artist, Trash Man, who they eventually find.  He gives them a monologue about what he was trying to accomplish with his art and how people treat people like trash.  Unfortunately, his “art” is creating clay monsters who torture and murder people.

Meanwhile, the real estate developer goes alone down a dark, empty hallway of his condo property and, of course, has a bad encounter with Band-aid Nose Man.  It does not end well for the real estate developer.

After committing all these murders, the monster is not caught, but disappears without a trace.

The episode ends with Scully saying, “I want to believe, I need to believe, that we did not treat him like trash.”

Episode 4 was directed and written by Glen Morgan and first aired on Feb. 8, 2016.

Background of the X-Files

The X-Files originally were televised from 1993 to 2002 on the Fox Network. The stories followed the experiences of federal agents Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson) who investigated crimes suspected of being paranormal or connected to aliens. There were also two movies in 1998 and 2008.

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‘The X-Files’ Miniseries Recap, Episode 4: “People Treat People Like Trash”

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