Supernatural Season 11 Episode 13: Love Hurts Recap

Supernatural Recap

Caution: This article contains spoilers for the Supernatural episode that aired on February 10, 2016.

I always love the holiday-specific episodes, and this week’s episode of Supernatural was no different. With Valentine’s Day coming up on Sunday, it was centered around the love holiday; Dean’s favorite.

The Cliché Moments

There were plenty of cliché moments during the episode. It all started with the dad having an affair with the babysitting. It was instantly clear that one of them was going to end up a victim; if not both.  Not seeing the killer’s face was an expected twist; almost like a traditional horror movie. Of course, it was set to make the viewing of the nanny cam more shocking. It turned out to be him—or someone pretending to be him—killing her.

Instantly, the mind goes through the options. The main thing seen on Supernatural is a shifter and it turns out to be one. It has been 10 years since Dean was turned into a shifter, so is it possible that that shifter’s family is coming for revenge?

The next time we see the shifter is when we see Stacey the babysitter. Only seeing the back of her head and her legs at first, we know exactly who it is. The whole episode centered on some cliché horror movie tactics.

Shifter Collecting Hearts

Dan becomes the second person to lose his heart in the episode. It looks like the shifter is collecting them, which makes sense when it comes to Valentine’s Day. The Winchester brothers instantly jump to the one thing that connected Dan and Stacey; the wife.

I did wonder if the wife knew something about the affair the two were having. It certainly seemed she knew something, so it was unsurprising when she admitted she knew. Of course, that further cements the idea that the wife is the shifter. As she realizes their initial thoughts, she explains that she still loves her husband. That does not stop Dean from testing her ability to pick up something silver; a pen to make it inconspicuous.

The brothers are back to the beginning. Dean and Sam take up their usual tasks of drinking and checking the lore. They miss Melissa watching them from the window and it is clear she is hiding something. It turns out that she has a stash of witches’ supplies in her cupboard. Is it possible that she put a curse on someone? As she gets rid of the supplies down the garbage disposal, she makes a call to someone and it is clear she does not realize the Winchesters are actually hunters.

In the end, whether she had something to do with it or not, she almost becomes the next victim. When Shifter Dan comes to kill her, Melissa knows that it is not him and instantly runs out of the house, getting to the Winchesters—I will ignore the questions about how she knew their room—and turning to them for help. There she tells them about the witchcraft, and it turns out her hairdresser was a witch and gave her a spell.

Supernatural S11E13 Dean and Sam

Getting to the Kissing Curse

The witch did give her a curse, which translated to “The Kiss of Death.” It makes sense for Valentine’s Day, and it now makes sense why all three are connected. I did love Dean’s comment about a magical STD. The brothers work their theories looking at the events to determine that the curse is transferable, and now it is Melissa’s turn as it has to end with her.

As Dean shoots Dan with silver bullets, he realizes that it is not a shifter after all. To keep Melissa safe, he kisses her and transfers the curse to him. There is a point to that; he does have a better chance of survival. The downside is that Sam is clearly going to find out about The Darkness and Dean’s connection.

This now leads to a mini-argument between Sam and Dean. Sam is not happy that Dean has become the guinea pig; clearly connected to the way Dean took on the Mark of Cain in season nine.

All of this does now lead to the brothers finding Melissa’s hairdresser Sonya. Of course, she was just Melissa’s hairdresser for a couple of months and gave Melissa the spell in the basement. The clichés just keep on coming.

A Visit to the Art of Dyeing

It is an aptly named salon, and the brothers cannot help but raise that point. The end of the episode takes them to salon, where they make it to the basement and find some of the wicked witch’s supplies. Sam comes across her spell book, which has the creature they are dealing with in there.

On a little post-it note, the name Qareen is helpfully placed in the book, which becomes a slave to someone’s commands. They come across as the deepest, darkest desire, which continues to suggest that The Darkness will be the thing that comes to kill Dean.

As they find out that whoever has the Qareen’s heart controls the creature, a throwback moment comes in while it makes sense why the Qareen is taking hearts. Dean instigates a rock, paper, scissors game to determine who will go upstairs and who will stay downstairs. I’ve definitely missed this relationship between the brothers in recent years; one of the reasons I love the original three seasons. In a shocking turn of events, Dean wins but Sam still ends up going upstairs. Dean is just happy he finally won a game of rock, paper, scissors.

As Sam comes across the heart, Sonja turns up and stops him. Downstairs, The Darkness makes her appearance. He does not seem too surprised, despite saying Daisy Duke was his desire, but he is ashamed. Sonya, meanwhile, explains why she tweaked her curse. Not only does she hate the cheaters, nut also the women who “never learn.”

It looks like Sam is about to be killed by Sonya, when Melissa rushes in. It gives Sam a chance to kill Sonya—the good old fashioned way—and then stab the heart. Just as Amara is about to kill Dean, Sam stabs the heart and gets rid of her. Dean instantly goes to pretending like nothing happened, but Sam sees from the state of the room that something happened.

Sam Finds Out the Truth

Dean could have hidden it all from Sam, but decides to tell him the truth. When he tells Sam that it was Amara, Sam is not as surprised as he should be. It turns out that he expected it, because of the connection that they have shared before. This was certainly much better than the shouting match and brooding they could have gone through.

The problem is Sam never knew how bad it was for Dean. While he wants to kill Amara, there is something that draws him in when he is close to her. There is a look in Sam’s eyes that tells us that he wants to help. I’ve seen that look many times before, and it has always led to Sam sacrificing himself or risking his life to help save his brother. After the conversation with Lucifer, will he do it again?

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