New Fashion Statement Oilslick Lipstick


Oilslick lips

Inspired by pollution, oil spills and the gradual decrease in the price of oil- oilslick lipstick is showing up in fashion circles. Fans of the look say the glossier- the better.

To achieve this look, lip art enthusiasts are applying a black lipstick base and then finishing with layers of iridescent colour on top. The Fashion Spot Canada’s Jessica Andrews says, “The result is the perfect mix of goth and glamour:dark lips with a colourful, high shine finish.”

And if a too-glossy and oily effect is not your thing, there is a duller, matte look that can be achieved, with the same vibrant colour result. This alternative is much lower on slick but still high on pigmentation. Not layering on the gloss or just applying a smaller amount of gloss would achieve this end look.

Another option is the holographic lip statement that is also trending. Still using a black lipstick base and then coating your lips in holographic colour is how to achieve this colourful pout. Then layer on the shine. Typically, flaming reds, emerald greens, aquas, and blues are the colours of the day.

The lip art trend, of which oil slick lips are the latest off-shoot, mimics nail art in that mini masterpieces are created on lips. And the art-inspired use of lipstick shades, liners and gloss isn’t where it ends- decals, rhinestones and glitter are cleverly executed to create lips that beg an immediate Instagram pic. That is- at least- until lunch.

Instagram Photo courtesy veroniccamua

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