XFiles Revival Episode 5: Babylon

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In the Xfiles revival episode 5, fans of the old series will get to see the three Lone Gunmen,  once again. (https://twitter.com/thexfiles/status/699339972290224128)

XFiles Revival Episode 5: Babylon

In episode 5 of the XFiles revival, viewers meet two new FBI agents and witness a return of Lone Gunmen, the trio who died during the earlier X-Files series. Since the three of them died long in the past, during this episode fans see the return of the Lone Gunmen in an unexpected way … as a hallucination.

The two new people in this episode are Special Agents Einstein and Miller (played by Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose).

Mulder works on this case with Special Agent Einstein, another red-headed woman to complicate his life!  Meanwhile, Scully teams up with Special Agent Miller.  Will fans be seeing more of Miller and Einstein in the future?

Plot Summary of “Babylon”

After fighting freakish monsters during the past two episodes, in “Babylon” Scully and Mulder take on real-life evil in the form of a terrorist cell that hopes to use a bomb in order to kill hundreds of people.

The episode begins with a calm, apparently peaceful suicide bomber named Shiraz (Artin John).  After his morning prayers, he drives to a motel where he picks up another Muslim man (Johnny Ghorbani).  The two of them go to an art gallery, pray, enter the gallery and, in the next scene, it blows up.

Meanwhile, Scully and Mulder are having a discussion about sounds that have been heard in the sky by a number of people.  Mulder describes it as, “Music as if from the heavens… as if God himself was making music … by blowing his horn.” Afterwards, the two of them argue about the existence of God.  “Since when do you believe in God?” Scully asks. “It’s not important what I believe. It’s important what they believe,” Mulder answers.

While Scully and Mulder are having this discussion, two FBI agents, Special Agents Miller and Einstein, show up and ask Mulder and Scully to assist in the investigation of the bombing at the art gallery, which displayed works that some people might consider offensive.

One of the bombers, Shiraz, has survived the attack, but was left in a coma.  Scully and Mulder are asked if they know of a way to communicate with the man and prevent another attack.

Scully remembers how her mother was in a coma before she died and Scully uses what she learned to attempt to get the answers the FBI needs.

The teams split up.  Scully takes Miller under her wing as they explore scientific ways to communicate with the comatose terrorist.  They attempt to use an electroencephalogram (EEG) to ask the comatose patient yes and no questions.

Meanwhile, Mulder works with Einstein and tries to get her to become more open to paranormal explanations.  They decide that Mulder will use a mushroom-derived hallucinogen in order to reach Shiraz and question him.  While in the grips of his hallucination, Mulder sees the silent Lone Gunmen. Then he sees Shiraz being held by his mother, Noora.  Mulder manages to communicate with Shiraz, who whispers something to him.  However, when Mulder wakes up, he can only remember that the words were in Arabic.  Then, Einstein reveals to him that the “drug” she gave him was only a placebo and his hallucination was caused by the “power of suggestion.”

At the same time, Scully and Miller seem to be having some success using the EEG, although they are concerned about other people who are hampering their investigation because of their racism and their unwillingness to recognize how important Shiraz is to their investigation.

No longer in the midst of his hallucination, Mulder spots Shiraz’s mother, Noora, outside the hospital. Mulder escorts her to her son’s hospital room.

Mulder then repeats the Arabic words that Shiraz “spoke” to him.  Miller translates the words as “Babylon Hotel.”  The SWAT team rushes to the hotel and captures the rest of the terrorist cell.

The mysterious hallucination that allowed the terrorists to be captured causes both the Miller-Einstein team and the Scully-Mulder team to go off on their own to have deep, philosophical conversations about what happened.

More Thoughts About the XFiles Miniseries

Miller and Einstein seem to be younger versions of Scully and Mulder.  This has lead viewers to wonder if they might become the new lead characters should the X-files, or a spin-off of them, be brought back again in the future.  In fact, as it turns out, Einstein is a medical examiner like Scully and Miller seems to be the one who is obsessed with the paranormal.  They seem like the perfect twosome to replace Scully and Mulder in a future X-files series.

Episode 5 was directed and written by X-files creator, Chris Carter.  It originally aired on Feb. 15, 2016.

Background of the X-Files

The X-Files originally were televised from 1993 to 2002 on the Fox Network. The stories followed the exploits and adventures of federal agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they investigated particularly mysterious or spooky crimes.  Two movies were also released in 1998 and 2008, “The X-Files” and “The X-Files: I Want to Believe.”

More Information about the XFiles Revival, as well as a List of the Sources of the Conspiracy Theories that Inspired X-Files Creator Chris Carter can be Found at:

“The Long Awaited Return of the X-Files to Television”




Episodes of the “X-Files” broadcast on the Fox Television Network


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