Enraged truck driver on highway takes anger out on puppy, school bus

truck driver takes anger out on puppy, school bus, and other cars.An enraged truck driver shouldn’t have been working and on the highway as angry as he was the other day. Not only did he take his anger out on an innocent little puppy that was along for the ride with him, but he also went after a school bus full of kids and other cars.

According to AZ Family on Feb 15, 50-year-old Danny Leonardo Gonzalez said he was tired of the way people on the road treat truck drivers and that he didn’t want to work that day. So, what did he do? He first took his anger out on an innocent eight-week-old German Shepherd mix puppy by gluing her tail to her body. She is now in the care of the Louisville Metro Animal Services who say she may not survive this terrible tragedy that was done to her. The puppy, who police officers and the LMAS employees named Gigi, is in intensive care currently.

Not only did he take his anger out on the little puppy but he also went after a school bus and tried to run it off the road. It had some kids in it. The school bus driver, Glenda Hobbic, said that if she wouldn’t have moved out of the way, the truck would have ran right into her bus full of children. She said if he would have been on the curve, he would have hit them and killed them.

Also, according to AZ Family, Gonzalez ran into a car and kept ramming the car until the driver of the car was able to get away from him. However, the driver made it away safely.

According to the reports, Gonzalez is being charged with multiple crimes including criminal mischief, wanton endangerment, leaving the scene of an accident, and the LMAS will be ensuring he also gets charged with animal abuse for what he did to Gigi.

It was also stated that Gonzalez kept spinning around in the grass while staring ahead. Apparently, he just snapped and said he was tired of it all.

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