Former UN Head Boutros-Ghali Dies


Former Secretary General for the United Nations Boutros Bourtro-Ghali died February 16 in a Giza hospital at the age of 93. Bourtros-Ghali had been admitted to the hospital a few days earlier with a broken leg.

He served as the head of the United Nations during the 1990s

Current Secretary General Ban Kimoon spoke on Bourtros-Ghali calling him, “a memorable leader who rendered invaluable services to world peace and international order.”

When Boutros-Ghali took office as the leader of the United Nations in 1992, he was sixth person to hold the office, the first African and the first Arab to hold the position. While the Security Council overwhelmingly desired to have Broutros-Ghali serve a second five year term; but as on of the five permanent members on the Council, Madeleine Albright voted against the motion, casting the deciding vote and denying Boutros-Ghali a second term – the only secretary general to be denied a second term.

After serving his term as Secretary General, Boutros-Ghali served in the same capacity for the organization of French speaking countries La Francophonie.

Prior to becoming the Secretary General for the UN, he was a senior minister to Egyptian Presidents Hosni Mubrarak and Anwar el-Sadat.

As a part of the Egyptian government, Boutros-Ghali participated in the mission to Jerusalem in 1977, was a part of the Camp David accord, was at the White House with US President Jimmy Carter, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, and Israeli President Menachem Begin for the signing of the Middle East conflict treaty in 1979.

Born to an Arab Christian family, Boutros Boutros-Ghali was born on November 14, 1922 in Cairo, Egypt the son of a finance minister. Born into a political family, Boutros-Ghali’s grandfather was the Prime Minister when he was assassinated in 1910. As an Arab-Christian, Boutros-Ghali could never hold the position of Prime Minister in Egypt – law mandates that the postion can only be held by a Muslim.

Boutros-Ghali was a Fulbright Scholar, held a degree in Law, and a PhD in International Law. Before entering politics, he taught political science and gave lectures around the world.

Boutros-Ghali is survived by his wife Leia Maria – an Egyptian Jew from Alexandria. The couple had no children.

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