Toy Maker Mattel Reveals The Release of ThingMaker 3D Printer For Kids

Mattel revealed the release of their new ThingMaker 3D Printer during a New York’s Toy Fair trade show over this past weekend.

ThingMaker 3D Printer will be available this fall for $300. The 3D printer will make it possible for children to design and print their own toys from the comfort of their own home.

The printer works with Autodesk’s 3D printing app in order to provide users with an interface simply enough for children to use. There are already affordably priced 3D printers available for purchase on the market. However, the software required to make the printers work can come with a steep learning curve. The goal of this printer is to be easy enough for even younger children to understand.

Being named ThingMaker Design, the application features a wide range of built-in character designs as well as user-friendly tutorials. The application will also allow children to build characters completely from scratch. The toys can be personalized with different textures, shapes, and colors. Once the design is complete, the images can either be saved to the device’s camera roll or uploaded to DropBox or Google Drive.

In addition to printing toys, children will also be able to print parts in order to create their own larger toys such as robots, dolls, and jewelry.

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