UK Indie Band Viola Beach Killed In Car Crash

Viola Beach killed in car crash

All members British band Viola Beach were killed in a car crash in Sweden on Saturday. Their car fell 82ft into a canal, killing all members and their manager Craig Tarry.

River Reeves, Jack Dakin, Kris Leonard and Tomas Lowe were travelling from Sweden to the UK after playing at Where Is the Music?, a music festival in Sweden. They were due to play a gig in Surrey on Saturday night, and had tweeted on February 2 about a gig they were due to play in the United States. Another gig in Warrington, UK had completely sold out; called their homecoming gig as that is where the band had rehearsed for year. They were returning from Sweden, heading to the airport.

Viola Beach

According to Swedish reports, the Nissan Qashqai had gone through a gap within the bridge over the canal, available to allow a boat to pass under the bridge. Rather than tilt, the bridge slides open on the flas. There would have been warning signs and flashing lights to alert drivers. Swedish police are unclear why the car drove through the warning lights and into the canal. Witnesses say they just saw the car plunge and disappear into the water. One eyewitness said the car was travelling very fast, and it had hit his car before going into the barrier. Police are considering all possibilities, including the chances that the rented car had brake failure. There is CCTV footage of the bridge, which is being checked to see if the incident was recorded. Police will also check to see whether the driver was intoxicated.

The four-piece officially formed in May 2015 and had released their first album Swings & Waterslides. They were slated to be the next indie band to make it big, helped by the members’ friendly attitudes and love for their fans. This was the first tour outside of the UK.

Fans, friends and family members have taken to social media to share their condolences. Even other music stars have shared their condolences, with Liam Gallagher tweeting about the band’s only album. Family members have also started a campaign to get the band to number one as a posthumous tribute. It has currently made it into the Top 40 chart in the UK, but not everyone is happy with the idea of the tribute claiming money is being made from the deaths of five people.

Frank Coulson has also shared his condolences, while getting over the shock that he could have been involved too. He had quit the band just months earlier, choosing to go to university instead. He had been one of the founding members two years ago before the official formation.



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