Pope Francis Caught on Camera Losing His Cool When a Person in the Crowd Almost Knocked Him Down

Pope Francis, who is usually known for his calm and accomodating charm with his followers, lost his temper on camera after a person in the crowd pulled on his robe hard enough to cause him to fall on a child who was in a wheel chair.

The video footage reveals Pope Francis making his way over to the edge of the crowd in order to greet the children who were all sitting down. You can see two arms reaching out and grabbing Pope Francis. When the person would not let go, Pope Francis ended up losing his balance and stumbled before his chest landed on the child’s head.

Both aides and security prevented the Pope from falling completely to the ground. After he was helped up, his face revealed an ugly expression before he turned to the person and yelled “Don’t be selfish!” twice in Spanish.

In the video footage it is unclear whether the individual who knocked the Pope over was man or woman.


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