Bored Florida Man Uses 911 to Save Himself From Boredom

Michael Gilman, age 28, was arrested early on Saturday morning after being charged with misusing the 911 service. Gilman is being accused of calling 911 to save himself from boredom.

911signFlorida authorities in DeLand stated that Gilman called the 911 emergency service six different times in 24 hours. This included five within a five-hour timeframe. During a few of the calls he tried to talk to the 911 operator about the Jews and Hitler.

According to authorities, the man also asked the dispatcher to throw some people out of their homes in order to “serve and protect.” Then, he proceeded to tell the dispatcher there was an emergency at the White House.

Allegedly, Gilman told the 911 dispatcher that his emergency was he was born and he was not able to vote. Two of the 911 dispatchers stated Gilman hung up on them when they told him they were going to transfer him to the non-emergency line. There was even an officer who went to Gilman’s house in order to tell him he needed to stop calling 911.

When the officer got to Gilman’s home he asked the man what he was doing and Gilman responded, “talking to your dispatcher because I’m bored.”

Gilman was taken into custody by the officer and later released.

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